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PFN alleges clandestine killings in Plateau

By George Onah
Port Harcourt—The National President, youth wing, of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Dr. Abel Damina, has raised alarm over alleged continuous clandestine killings of Christians in remote areas of Plateau State by fundamentalists.

He called on the federal government to grant amnesty to the fundamentalists, as it was done to the Niger Delta militants, so that the enormous and sophisticated weapons in their possession could be retrieved by the government.
“Even as I speak to you now, I am receiving reports that some clandestine killings are still going on in the remote areas of Plateau State by the fundamentalists. They pounce on Christians and kill them without anybody knowing much of their identity except that they are Christians.

“The other day, I went to pay a visit to the governor in Jos over the crisis as the PFN chairman for the youths. I went to the hospital and what I am telling you now, we have pictures. Young men, Christians, were going to their farm to harvest their produce and the fundamentalists pounced on them. They were called infidels.

“One of them that they shot, the bullet came out on his groins. He was lying down there helpless.

“They were in the hospital when we went there. The federal government must do something about this,” Damina said.
Speaking to the press in Port Harcourt, yesterday, Damina was of the view that the killings had continued because none of the perpetrators of these crimes over time had been prosecuted, stating that some people were simply arrested and set free after a while.

“The reason this has continued is because the federal government has not done much to check it. When the perpetrators of this crime are arrested and taken to Abuja, after a while when everybody seems to have forgotten, they are released and they return to cause more trouble.

“So, they get stronger. The other time, it was Kaduna, then Bauchi, then Gombe, then the Boko Haram crisis came and then the Jos crisis which came and then was re-enacted only recently.”

“At the last conference, we received reports with photographs of the fundamentalists using AK 47 rifles of diverse manners to destroy our churches. Where did they get the arms from? We have reports of truck loads of arms that had been intercepted and we did not hear anything about them.

“The federal government must encourage the hoodlums in the north who are killing our people
to surrender their arms. There is free flow of arms of arms in the north and that is why the clashes are always bloody.

“The number of dead bodies that were recovered in Jos during the crisis were too many that people could not even count. It was mass burial at different areas. The federal government must do something about this madness,” Damina pleaded.


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