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Nzeribe makes case for military intervention

By Chidi Nkwopara

OWERRI—After taking a hard look at the nation’s precarious political situation, maverick Oguta-born politician, Senator Arthur Nzeribe, has said that  “the military should strike if they think the environment is ripe for that.”

Nzeribe, who made his position known, while addressing newsmen  in Owerri, also said that the nation’s relation with the military was precarious.

“Who are the people turning the screw from the background? We talk of the cabal. Which cabal? The bubble will soon burst. We should not bribe or intimidate the army with carrot sticks. Let the military be the judge,” Nzeribe said.

According him, “we have bastardized, crippled, slaughtered and raped democracy,” stressing that “in the process, we corrupted the judiciary”.

While waiting for the bubble to burst, Nzeribe urged Acting President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, to “carefully source young, tested, resourceful and committed men for constructive engagement in the pursuit of his challenging task.”

On President Umaru Yar’Adua’s absence for the past three months, Nzeribe said it offered Nigerians “an opportunity to test our resolve and maturity as a people,  who are ready to live within the dictates of democracy.”

“For how long can we go on the basis of such rationalizations? Have we not made a mistake that will cost us future political undertakings? Is it not better to halt now, take stock, correct our mistakes before moving ahead? My humble view is that we have entered a constitutional trap, which may prove difficult to come out from,” Nzeribe said.


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