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NACCIMA scores NOA low on attitudinal change

By Franklin Alli
AHEAD of the country’s 50th independence anniversary, the Nigeria Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), has scored the National Orientation Agency (NOA) low, saying its programmes over the years have failed to change the attitude of citizens toward grafts and indiscipline.

The Association, has, therefore, urged the Federal Government to empower credible organizations like NBA, NMA, NIM, ICAN, NLC to compliment the Agency’s efforts in the execution of national orientation programmes.
NACCIMA President, Dr. Simon Okolo, in a speech entitled ‘Let Us Reorder Our Lives,’ made available to Vanguard on Tuesday, said that attitude is what we really need for us to move forward and build enduring legacies for the future.

“Our wrong attitudes which are often at variance with normal society norms globally, has revealed that something is actually wrong with us as a nation, hence our inability to achieve meaningful growth and development as desired over a long period of time,” he stated.

He further pointed out that the National Orientation Agency which is saddled with the task of orientating and sensitising Nigerians towards progressive and unifying actions and initiatives have not succeeded in these efforts or in the initiatives of reducing the problems of indiscipline in our people or putting order in our lives as “People see the agency as government thing”

He believes NOA must be strengthened to achieve its potentials , and this can be achieve by involving independent organizations like, NACCIMA, NBA, NMA, NIM, ICAN, NLC etc, to help carry out the programmes to its logical conclusion.

“Undisciplined behaviours such bribery, tax evasion, drug trafficking, oil bunkering, embezzlement of public fund, vandalisation and destruction of public infrastructure, high incidence of armed robbery and kidnaping, swindling, cheating and examination malpractice, assassination, arson in both public and private sectors are still rife,” he said.

“Government will be surprised by the positive results that Can be achieved if this advise is
dispassionately considered ; more importantly the government will save scarce resources
because there will be no government bureaucracy to pay or claim allowances, and there will be
no bureaucratic bottle necks that can slow down implementation.

He said that members of NACCIMA, for instance, will not be asking for pay or allowances
stressing “All that is required is government empowerment by way of giving logistics support for
achievement of set goals and objectives.”

“Most importantly we must understand the need to fashion ‘A New Nigerians’ by bringing into
the curriculum of our educational institutions a compulsory subject on civics and our cultural
norms (this subject can be designed by our educationists) to be taught to our children from the
Nursery school up through primary school to other educational institutions – Universities and
Post University Institution including all police colleges and army educational and training
institutions. By inculcating this in the minds of the people, we will over the years create a new
Nigerian who is patriotic, disciplined with no ethnic or religious biases.”


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