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Long night calls can impair hearing, Expert

Since the introduction of free late night calls by the GSM operators, many Nigerians, especially youths take advantage of the offer to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances, often for long periods at a time during the night.

However, a medical expert, Dr Iheanacho Ejike of SS Memorial Clinic, Ejigbo, has warned about the dangers associated with such long calls. He said they could develop health problems such as hearing defects, sleeplessness, temporary ill health, lack of focus, and psychological problem like stress, depression among others.

Dr Ejike said it was not the issue of making and answering calls in the night but how long the call lasted. He said somebody who denied himself of a good night’s sleep on a daily basis must develop both physical, psychological and emotional problems.

“Of course, you don’t expect a worker or student who spent the whole night making and receiving calls to put in his best. He will be too weak to concentrate on his work or study and will never perform because he is likely to be sleeping when he suppose to be working. He is always dizzy and can’t focus on minor things.

“Again, apart from the nuisance such calls constitute to other occupants of the room compound, being on phone for a very long time can cause hearing defects due to too much of stimuli,” he revealed.

The medical practitioner however, advised parents and guardians to caution their wards to avoid the health hazards and encouraged those who were experiencing any form of hearing problem to seek medical advice immediately to forestall further damage.

However, those who spoke to Vanguard Cyberlife did not see anything wrong in making long night calls whether long or short, rather they described it as the best thing to have come from GSM operators.

Mr Ekwem Ginika said it was only tangible thing from operators and not the so called promos. He said he has been making night calls since its inception and it has not done him any harm. “You relax while talking to your people during happy hour. It helps you to stay in touch with friends and family members.”

In the same vein, Mr. Ojo Samuel revealed that he got his present job through the hint given to him by a friend during night calls. “We knew that none of us had money then, so we agreed to be making use of happy hours. Some of us had two SIMS, one was specifically meant for night calls”, he revealed adding that though, he has a job, he still makes night calls once in while.


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