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Let your beauty start from the inside

By Folake Aina
I Know by now everyone knows that “Woman to Women” is about being the best. You know how I encourage you to be the best  in all you do. I know we have said that beauty  starts from the inside out.

You must be beautiful on the inside, and on the outside. Really, if you think about it, your inner beauty out ways your outer beauty. Even when the outer beauty begins to fade, the inner beauty  never fades. You can attract people to you with your outer beauty, but really it is your inner beauty that will make them stay.

Today, I will be dealing something we all wear inside as well, and that is our underwear (I am talking about your bra and your panties). Majority of women do not care what they wear under, believing no one would see it.

The truth is what you wear under determines the beauty of what you wear on top.
It is so sickening when you see women walking down the streets and you can fully see their panty lines.

That is so “Razz” (like the very young people say ). It really does not make sense. A woman must know what to wear under different things. You must know how transparent your  outer garment is, and know what to wear under to make sure you do not expose your nudity, and your underwear is hidden.

You cannot ignorantly expose yourself. You must do a thorough self check to make sure that you are decent in every way.

Many woman wear their underwear, then bring out their clothes. It should be the other way around. You must first of all bring out your clothes, then choose your underwear. Your clothes determine the underwear you would wear.

For instance if you had to wear tight skirts or a tight fitting dress or even a pair of jeans or trousers, a thong or a G-string should be appropriate. Many women claim that these are very uncomfortable. I agree.

Really, you get used to them when you wear them constantly. When you do get used to them, you find out that it really  isn’t that bad. Many women who have got used to wearing them claim that they are not comfortable in anything else.

What  is worse than visible panty lines is “tacky” and dirty underwears. Many women have no problem changing their panties everyday, but some can wear a single bra for a week or two. Many believe that no one is going to look under their clothes to see what they are wearing.

This lady who owns an underwear shop in Ikeja says many women come into her shop, and when she insists on them trying on their bras, they get fidgety. She says many women come in with their Channel bags and Ferragamo shoes, and when they take off their clothes , what’s under is an eyesaw.

Some of them have white underwear that have turned to cream, some have over-worn their underwear, and all the elastic on them have stretched out. She says you find many woman who have on black underwear,  wear black because it hides dirt easily.

She says the stench that comes out of those underwear is so offensive that u have to excuse yourself from the dressing room. These women are so embarrassed that begin to make excuses . What excuse could you have for not having your underwear together? That is where decent dressing starts.

If you somehow fall into this group, you must get out of it today, and go ahead and get yourself new bras,  panties and camisoles. Invest in your well being. Most women say they do not see any reason why they should pay so much for under wear, because the men in their lives do not ever notice.

You would be surprised that the men would notice if your underwear was pretty. Your bra must never be so abused that it has lost all the elasticity. It must give you a firm grip the right support that the breasts need.

Do you know that most women do not know their exact bra sizes? They just imagine and guess the size they must wear. Many women wear over sized or undersized bras. If you walk into most bra shops, they would measure you for free, so u can know your exact bra size.

Most women do not realize that they need camisoles. For women who have clothes that show their cleavage, and they do not know what to do, all you have to do is wear a camisole and decency appears.

The fad now is for women to have their breasts hanging out. Please do not join  them. Showing your cleavage does not make you prettier. Most of the time you attract the wrong kind of people and give the wrong impression about yours.

Another thing that has become very popular in underwear department are the waist trimmers. We know the best thing is to diet and exercise and get rid of that bulge in the waist and tummy are. While you are waiting for the result you can use the waist trimmer.

It is cosmetic and would not bring the tummy down, but while you have it on, it takes some inches off the waist region. Anything would look good on any one once the stomach is flat.


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