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Lent: The purpose of fasting

By Rev Msgr Gabriel Osu

“What I do is discipline my own body and master it for fear that after having preached to others, I myself should be rejected (disqualified)” – I Cor. 9:: 27.

When we offend someone and are sorry, we sometimes bring him/her a gift to show that we are sorry. Fasting is like this. It is a way of saying to God that we are sorry for having offended him. Fasting is a means of overcoming our sinful inclinations. What are your own selfish inclinations? Overindulging in food or drink?

Laziness? Running after naira? Misuse of sexuality? During lent you should move against your main weakness. If you are in the habit of being late for Mass, you may decide to leave home fifteen minutes earlier.

40,000 children die because of lack of proper food and housing everyday. By fasting, we get the feel at what it is like to be hungry and as a result we are moved towards a more practical concern for the needy of the world.

Having fasted, we feel more hungry and more alert for God, as he moves in our lives and we are compelled to give alms and do other works of charity.


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