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Lent: A time of sacrifice

By Rev Msgr Gabriel Osu

LENT is a time for sacrifice, a time to give up something. What are those thing you have been doing you think are not good as a child of God but you still do them as a result of the pull of satan?

The Holy Bible tells us to “cut off” any finger that compels us to sin: this is time to “cut them off” our lives. Now my brother and sister what are those things that are your problems that make you sin before God and get you farther away from your Creator and Maker?

Is it drunkenness, then get away from it this season and throw away the bottles from the table. Is it women and men; is it cigarettes, it is excessive anger or inability to forgive others? This is the time, the acceptable time, to sacrifice something, give out something for the salvation of your soul.

Want to give something up for lent? Here are other things you could do. Give up worry. Find something that worries you but in fact is beyond your control. Realize that while worry expresses your concern, it also expresses your desire to exercise power over the out-come of events. An outcome in this case that is in God’s hands, not yours.

Give up always having the last word. People who always have the last word tend to be people who don’t listen enough or who lecture too much. Realize that some people will come around to your point of view more readily if they don’t feel your view-point was imposed on them.

Give up some of your time. In a complex society, people hang on tightly to their time. Realize, however, that often what others most need from you is something you could not purchase for them, but just your time and what goes with it: a smile, compassion and hope.


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