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Jonathan should wake up and defend his position constitutionally, Aniele, ADC Chieftain

By Kingsley Ndimele
Honourable UgochukwuAniele is a stalwart of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in Anambra State.  

He was the Director of Protocol and Intelligence, Okey Nwosu campaign organization in the just concluded gubernatorial tussle in the state.  His gubernatorial candidate is recorded as one of the first contestants in the election that extended an olive branch to Governor Peter Obi after he was declared winner of the election.

He spoke on a wide range of political issues and matters arising in the nation’s political field.

Aniele: Nigerians should fight

Present state of things in the country
Honestly speaking, I  think the situation is very terrible in the sense that our President and  Commander in-chief of the Armed Forces took ill.  This is normal.  But they should know that we are not talking about a family here.

We are talking about a nation.   A nation where the hopes, the aspirations, the lives of the citizens of this nation depend on and you are the custodian of that hope, custodian of that aspiration and you are leaving the people in the hands of nobody.I think we are having a very big problem.

How can a president of a country leave a country without duly assigning his responsibilities to his deputy.This issue is not an ethnic thing. It affects all Nigerians.  We should be made to know where he is, failure of which we should all rise up and demand to know his state of health.

Expected role of the National Assembly
The National Assembly has a lot of work to do.  They have failed in the past to do what they are supposed to do.

But right now, at least when the President was out of the country all this while, it is an impeach able offence.   I don’t see any politicking there.   People should know that what they are presently doing is not better than what those criminals in our prisons did.If this situation of deceit should continue unchecked, I demand that the people in our prisons should be released because we do not have laws governing this country.

Role of political parties
As far as I am concerned, most politicians in this country are sycophants.  They are boot lickers.  They cannot afford to call a spade a spade because they don’t want where they are eating from to be denied them.

All the politicians in this country should be able to come out, speak with one voice if we don’t want any other problem in this country or we give the military boys another chance because I expected that  by now we should have learnt our lessons.

Expectations  from Nigerians
What I expect from Nigerians is to stand up and speak with one voice and condemn this act because I foresee one thing. Every where I go,  they say Nigerians are so patient,  that they have a kind of elastic patience.

That is nonsense.You want to die before you talk.You want the good things of life and you cannot wake up and stand for your right.You think people in America,  Europe, Palestine, Philistine and even Ghana here, developed without doing the right thing at the right time? Nigerians should stand up and start doing things in the right way. Until we are ready to do things the right way, we cannot move forward.

Perception of the International community
Well, generally speaking, they look at us like an unserious nation. If not, look at the way and manner Obama visited Ghana instead of Nigeria, the so called giant of Africa.Look at the way we are being ridiculed all over the world.   We have great men and women here but they are not given the opportunity  to come out.

The few people that find themselves in positions of authority are ridiculing this nation, tarnishing the image of this nation with their attitudes, with their selfishness. The whole thing is ridiculous.
Advice to  Ag President

As far as I am concerned and, I think I speak the mind of the youths of  this nation, he should stand up and defend his position constitutionally. He is the Acting President.Whether anybody likes it or not , as far as I am concerned,  the power of the President is rested on him right now.

He should wake up and direct the affairs of this nation like a man.  He should not look at anybody’s face while he is doing that.


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