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ILAN enrols first member through exam

By Ifeanyi Ugwuadu
The Institute of Loss Adjusters (ILAN) have recorded its first ever member who qualified through examination. It was a collaborative effort between the institute and Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigera, the education arm of the insurance industry.

Barrister Reginald Egbuniwe emerged the first member to be enrolled as a loss adjuster at the October Diet after passing a exams set by CIIN after rigorous training. Before him, all the loss adjusters registered by ILAN were inducted through professional experience backed by good references from knowledgeable leaders of the institute.

Meanwhile, a bill for an Act to establish the Institute of Loss Adjusters is now listed in the National Assembly Journal dated January 6, 2010. The bill seeks to confer a charter status on the loss adjusters’ institute.

President of ILAN, Mr Darlington Mgbojikwe informed Vanguard during a chat in his office in Lagos that he was hopeful the bill will be passed this year. He said this will enable the institute put in place structures that will strengthen its role in the insurance industry.

He called on players and leaders within the industry to support them so that loss adjusters can add thir voice to issues that affect the development of the market.

There shall be a Committee to be known as the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters of Nigeria disciplinary committee (in this decree referred to as the “The disciplinary Committee”) which shall be charged with the duty of considering and determining any case referred to it by the investigating panel established by the following provisions of this section and any other case of which the disciplinary committee has cognizance under the following provisions of this Act.

There shall be a body to be known as the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters of Nigeria Investigating Panel (in this decree referred to as “the investigating panel”) which shall be charged with the duty of conducting a preliminary investigation into any case where it is alleged that a member has misbehaved in his capacity as a Loss Adjuster or should for any other reason be the subject of proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee and deciding whether the case should be referred to the Disciplinary Committee A person enrolled or registered under this Act is convicted, by any court to Committee in Nigeria or elsewhere having power to impose imprisonment or fine for an offence (whether or not punishable with imprisonment).


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