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How do you end a soured relationship?

Trust, understanding, communication, partnership, loyalty are marks of love. Sadly, some people engage in relationships that do not have  these qualities. When we find ourselves in such situations as most people do, it’s difficult to quit because of the fear that someone will be hurt. But the truth remains that the one trying to end a relationship gets hurt as well as the one on the receiving end. But no matter how hard it may seem, the relationship must come to an end. The big question remains, how?

This week , we  take a look at how best you can let yourself off the hook, if you are involved in such relationship.
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Brace up,Communicate less— Mary Uranta

The first thing to do when you are faced with such situation is to try as much as you can to empower yourself,  to be able to solve your problems and handle situations on your own. You need to avoid over dependence on your friends so that you don’t run back to them for assistance every time you have problems.

One of the most difficult things to think of is how to end any serious relationship, whether it’s of the same or opposite gender.

When you begin to feel that a relationship is not worth it, it’s best to quit and move on. Another way out is to consider yourself first. Ask yourself certain questions like,  can I make it without this friend of mine?

And when you finally decide it’s time to terminate such relationship, you must not let sentiment becloud your sense of judgement, because if you continue to consider the feelings of that friend, you’ll never make a head way.

You may choose to make yourself incommunicado and I bet you, after a period of time, the wounds will heal and you can begin life afresh.
Sometimes, things might take a dangerous dimension when you try to ditch some certain friends. Such friends may not want to let go and may become antagonistic. Some may even go as far as trying to hurt you.

So, situations like these call for not only prayers but caution on your part. You need to be very careful and observant.
When you are dealing with a relationship that may have deeply and emotionally affected both partners, it could be dangerous.

Emotional relationships that may have run deep are more deadly to quit.  Sometime,  you may find out that it’s really not easy to walk out of such relationship because you might get hurt more than your partner. This alone may put more stress on you. So it’s important that if you must take a walk, you must brace yourself to absorb the pains and trauma that may trail your decision.

You may also need to consider the inherent danger to your health. As you know, stress and emotional break down are  challenges to stable health. When a relationship of this kind turns sour, it can endanger your health by tensing you up. Severe headache, pains and frustration may creep in. So whatever you decide to do to set your self free, do it fast and move on with your life.

Be harsh about it — MC DannyB, Comedian

The best way to end most relationships is to try and explain to your partner why the affair has to end. And in doing so, you must ensure that you take the decision seriously and make the person understand that you are not joking about it.
Sometimes,  people don’t take such news seriously. So, it may not be bad if you decide to go about it in a very harsh way.

But I’ll prefer to invite that friend for a serious conversation and have a heart to heart talk with him/her. It will pay both parties to bare their minds and find a way to settle matters amicably and without bad blood.

Call a spade, a spade — Bhaira Mcwizu, Actress

I think it’s useless trying to pamper any soured relationship. Let’s call a spade, a spade. But in doing that,  you have to be very careful,  especially,  when you know that the other person can harm you.
Whether we like it or not, there are some really dangerous people who will do anything to keep their relationships. Or, better still, destroy the person who’s opting out.

Considering the nature of the relationship and your chances of survival, if you decide to opt out, it may be wise to duck out of sight until the pains wane and everything dies a natural death
But the truth still remains that once a relationship turns sour, the people involved are bound to get hurt. So,  to save both parties from getting hurt the more,  it’s wise to end it and let go.
And if need be, they could separate for some time and come back later, if they’re destined to be.

Discuss it  — Alincology, Comedian

When Oyibo people want end their relationship, they dey end am with passion. Infact they go hug each other, even pray for each other to get a better partner but for Naija, no be so.
When we want to end our relationships here, the case is different, especially for those who entered such relationships for material reasons.

AlincologyIt’s a very difficult task for some people to disengage from unwanted relationships but for some, it isn’t.. As for those who are ready to quit such relationship, they entered into the relationship because they knew what they wanted out of it. So, when they get what they are looking for, they dump their partners. Again, such persons are always ready  to quit because they fail to realise the true meaning of friendship.

Whichever way we want to look at it, once a relationship gets soar, it has to end somehow and the best way is to give the other party involved some good reasons to discontinue.
The best thing to do when you are ready to disengage from such relationship is to call your partner to a round table and discuss why the friendship has to end.


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