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Fake products produced locally

By Moses Nosike
The Nigerian market environment is flooded with fake locally produced products. Almost every brand  today has its counterfeit making wave in the market.

The rate of fake products in the market makes it difficult for consumer protection to operate well. Fake producers don’t care what the law is saying concerning fake products and production.

By law, once a brand name is registered in the name of an owner, it becomes the exclusive right of that owner. Nobody else has the right to use the said brand name without the consent of the owner. In the case of intellectual property such as booksand video productions, copyright belongs only to the original owner except when permission is given by him or her. Sadly, the situation in Nigeria is such that many have taken to the business of passing off fake and substandard products to unsuspecting consumers by faking the original fast selling popular brand names. The list is long and scary.

Fake products are everywhere, breaking the people without a brake!  The world of brand faking is a  manufacturer’s nightmare. This writer chooses this becausepractically everybody is a collaborator in the crime which invariably negatively affects everybody from manufacturers to fakers to government officials and consumers.

However, many are of the opinion that if government of the day will honestly do something to reduce the rate of unemployment which majority believe is the root cause of brand faking in Nigeria, the fight against it will achieve much results. Many are of the opinion that the level of corruption in Nigeria makes people to cut corners before they survive.

NAFDAC has taken measures to ensure that fake drugs are reduced in the market.
Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) is also doing its bit to reduce the menace substandard products in circulation.


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