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Beware! Fake Combantrin is in the market

The fight against fake and expired drugs is still on going. It is a fight every  citizen of Nigeria must embark on in order to save  lives and forestall a repeat of  what happened in “My Pikini” saga which claimed lives of   many children. Fake drugs have sent many people to early graves and many  are still  suffering from the effects of this.

It is discovered that fake combantrin is in circulation in the Nigerian market. Nigerians have been warned to watch out when buying original combantrin.

The danger of these fake drugs  in the market is that they don’t contain the necessary safety features and they are likely to malfunction. And its adverse effects are inherently harmful, injurious and highly hazardous.
Efforts should be made to track down manufacturers or importers of these killer drugs like combantrin which is found in the market now before it starts a damaging effect.

The truth remains that the rate at which fake drugs are paraded these days indicates that lives are not safe in this part of the world. Government has to do more on our border lines where both local and foreign importers gain free entrance and free exit. If Government tightens security at border lines, that will go a long way in saving the country from  influx of fake drugs that is pushing out the originals. They should also consider that it’s a matter of life and death. How long  should we continue to endanger lives ? }

The population of this  country would have reduced drastically as a result of fake drug consumption. NAFDAC is doing wonderfully well in its  bid to save Nigeria from the menace of fake drugs. If other security agencies in the country will do as much as  NAFDAC and SON are doing, this issue of fake drugs and substandard products would have been a thing of the past.  NAFDAC recently procured equipments  to assist in  detecting    fake drugs in the market. This is a way forward in this war against fake drugs.

However, the Consumer Protection Council is hereby encouraged to do more in protecting its members by creating the necessary awareness that will keep consumers informed and educate them concerning fake  products making waves in town. Nigerians are warned. There is fake combantrin in the market.


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