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An Itsekiri militant’s song

By Tony E. Afejuku

You come floating
In the wind of my mind –
You come floating
Quick, light and gay –
You and your drums
Of love
This night,
Like last night’s,
Of distant beating
Of drums of war
And love for
Fatherland and motherland
Despoiled by desponds of land-thieves.

I’m hearing and listening
To the still beating
Drums, persistent, unchanging
Like the pulsation
Of her heart floating
In the wind
Of my mind –
Floating in the wind
Quick, light and gay:

O my dancing priestess of hearts!
My courage-topping lass, my charm,
How you bend my heart and loins
This night of rains of bullets
For fatherland and motherland
Taxing us to undo land-thieves
Stealing our hearts, raping our love,
Our land, raping our  hearts, raping,
Stealing, raping, killing, spoiling, burning
Our fronds, our creeks, our mangroves and all
Here we are guarding richly
Many nights now of rains of bullets!


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