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What’s this fuss about Fashola?

By Moses Iloh
GOVERNOR Babatunde Fashola’s model of Lagos, the mega-city in the making is miniature Nigeria and the only haven where all and sundry, even beggars run to for respite. Lagos does not belong to the Yoruba, or to Muslims, or to Christians, or to the Action Congress (AC).

The present members of the Lagos State House of Assembly are the least qualified by any standard whatsoever to represent the greatly endowed and sophisticated Lagos State. Lagos State is, therefore, most unfortunate to have the present crowd of “Honourables” who are unable to read the times. They are the product of the Nigerian ingenuity in notorious political elections rigging and fraud.

What is the meaning of “investigating Governor Babatunde Fashola of fraud” with the intention of impeaching him and ruining his very bright political career at this material time? Governor Fashola is a Muslim whose testimony of good governance elates the spirit of Nigerians of all faiths and beliefs who had for years suffered under nefarious governance.

Governor Bola Tinubu in injecting Governor Fashola into Lagos politics virtually swore to an oath testifying of the sterling qualities of Fashola. Fashola has superseded the testimonies Tinubu gave. Fashola’s performance as Governor of Lagos Sate so far has shown up Tinubu as a man with the right vision for Lagos and a leader who wants his record maintained and obviously superseded.

Public opinion states loudly that Governor Fashola has more than justified Tinubu’s testimony. AC is daily growing in stature as a dividend accruing to it from Fashola’s enviable performance.

There is only one other governor in Nigeria that doubles with Fashola.He is Governor Mohammed Danjuma Goje of Gombe State in Northern Nigeria. They have both set phenomenal standards that challenge regenerated Christians to dynamically get into partisan politics and surpass their set standards with the introduction of righteous governance for it is written:    “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked rule, the people mourn” (Proverbs 29:2).

Bravo! Bravo!! So the Action Congress wants us to believe that she epitomises the long sought after holy and innocent political party in Nigeria: Our political maiden virgin who has not been violently raped in the public dustbin by Mr.  Corruption.

I see they are very anxious to preserve their sanctimonious virginity. I wish them well and hope that if the military takes over a chaotic Nigeria, military surgeon-gynecologist with their scalpels will find the AC truly a virgin. Let the Lagos AC not inadvertently invite these gun-totting military crude surgeons by angering the ordinary Nigerian folks who are happy and grateful to God and to Tinubu for injecting Governor Fashola into the Nigerian polity. The AC should not provoke the already very aggravated Nigerians.

I have always crusaded against fraud and corruption and this is why I coined the word “Corruptocracy”. Wait for Governor Fashola to end his phenomenal first term and start your investigation aimed at depriving Nigerians of his second term and you be the ones qualified to cast the first stone.

Western Nigeria had an enviable reputation of raising the best among Nigerians but it has now earned for herself the notoriety of being the killers of her best.

They murdered ex-successful governor and legal luminary, Uncle Bola Ige; they murdered youthful and brilliant governornorship aspirant, Engineer Funsho Williams; they have just murdered an aspiring hopeful governorship candidate, Dipo Dina.  Northern Nigerians are notorious for killing Southerners and Christians but they never kill their best.

I call on all Nigerians to stay in fervent prayer for divine protection of Governor Fashola of Lagos State, Nigeria and a member of the Action Congress.

I salute all of you on this occasion and for a time like this. I pray that you vividly draw attention of all Nigerians to the brewing fatality that might occur through the threats of Lagos Assembly plot against Governor Fashola.

Rev. Dr. IIoh, a public affairs commentator, writes from Lagos.


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