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Two-in-one breast enlargement operation debuts 2011

By Sola Ogundipe
COSMETIC surgeons in the United Kingdom are optimistic that as from early next year, a new “natural breast enlargement” technique will become available. Thanks to the new technique, unwanted fat from other parts of the patient’s body will be used for breast enhancement.

Devised seven years ago, the technique has been so developed that fat can be transferred in one operation instead of using several injections.

Using the new technique, aptly called the “two in one” operation, surgeons transfer unwanted fat from the patient’s hips, thighs and stomach into the breast area.

The dual benefits of the surgery comprise a more ‘natural’ shape to enlarged breasts, and the elimination of synthetic implants, which need to be replaced after nearly 15 years.

The technique has undergone the necessary trials in the UK, after a decade-long study on global developments within fat grafting. The trials reportedly prove that fat grafts give the breasts a better look, vis-à-vis the implants; and have been termed as “astonishingly successful”.

About the new technique, Nigel Mercer, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) said: “There is a great deal of excitement about this, but we need to understand the science of it and the risks and benefits before we can present it as something that will be of enormous benefit to the general public.”


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