By Paul Bassey

Last week I joined Nigerians in the search for a  national team coach. I also advised Jay Jay Okocha to forget about his dream of becoming a member of the Nigerian Football Federation.

The reactions I have received since then are un- believable. Especially the calls. I have decided to publish today the reactions, especially those from the Vanguard web site. In doing so, I have gone ahead to tamper with a few. No matter what we feel about individuals or organisations we should always be civilized in reacting to their views. That is why I have gone ahead to publish the letters today quite aware that the view point of others have to be respected.

There is this writer who even accused me of taking bribe, while another one said I was stupid! Very interesting.
Amodu is a failure (Folarinwa from Bodija)
Dear Mr. Bassey,
I respect you so much as a Sport Journalist, I can not imagine this is coming from you…….I think the problem with we Nigerians is that we can’t read games and know what we need or needed to be done right from the first match for World Cup qualifiers…poor formation, no tactics (no input from the bench) no cooperation.

If you know the Nigerian  pattern of play, you will know that all the coaches we have been going for are not the right ones.

Siasia right now is the closest to that………….but he was not given the job.
Amodu is a total failure, local coaches are not good enough……….
Question……….how many of them are willing to go abroad to do an attachment to any of these club side managers to know  how to read games week in week out but no, they will always wait for govt to send them to this course or that.

Mikel does not shoot, score, head, attack. He is very good in moving the ball around, keeping ball possession…. and also a long ball provider.
So he should never be our play maker……..

This is my solution to our midfield…………Odemwingie should be the play maker, you and I know he is the best  player right now in green white green and closest to Okocha‘s weak foot……..Odemwingie has the movement, ability to shoot, skills, speed, he is attacking minded, scores all the time and above all he is very committed and very happy to play for Nigeria.

Please one thing you can do for Nigeria is that Odemwingie should be made the Super Eagles captain………….

No Amodu and Keshi please ( Yakubu ibn Mohammed )
I have almost always agreed with your views as expressed in your Vanguard column. However, your recent suggestion for an Amodu/Keshi combination for the Eagles’ South Africa 2010 campaign is for the perfect paradigm of planning to fail. What with Keshi’s over-bloated ego, Amodu’s listlessness and the duo’s lack of proveness as technically sound coaches! Any contemplation by anybody of this combination leading the Eagles to South Africa is nothing short of a depravation.

Which Siasia  (Helen Gothard )
I am so happy that you brought out the Siasia angle. Nigerians have such short memories? Is this not the same Siasia that went to Egypt and flopped? Can anybody in his senses equate Siasia with Amodu? A coach who uses over aged players to win limited successes compared to one who is tested at senior national team level? Abeg.
Top of Form

Give it to Siasia
I am a regular reader of your column on Vanguard Newspaper.  I wish to specifically congratulate you on the comprehensive reportage of the just-concluded African Nations Cup – Angola 2010 – ranging from the high cost of living in Angola, hospitality of an average Angolan, the numerical advantage of women over men, your regular monitoring of the national team, etc. You actually brought Angola closer to those of us who could not go to Angola.

Please permit me to disagree with your position where you submited that “if I was put in charge of sourcing of a Coach for Nigeria, given the limited time at our disposal, I would have put a call through to Stephen Keshi immediately and ask him to work with Amodu Shaibu”.  I also do not agree with your insinuation that Hassan Shehata of Egypt is most suitable for the job.

It is my belief that the combination of Stephen Keshi and Amodu Shaibu cannot improve the fortune of the Super Eagles.  Stephen Keshi for instance has just been sacked by Mali for poor performances in Angola.  He had a squad better than that of Amodu Shauibu and could not go beyond the preliminaries of the tournament. Amodu Shuaibu exhibited high level of incompetence before and during the tournament.  This is a man who, after spending about two years, could not raise a creative midfielder among over 5,000 Nigerian professional footballers.  Rather he resorted to using two holding mid-fielders who are below average.  Over 60% of his first eleven were either injured, lost form, or having one problem or the other that disqualified them from the National team. And yet he either could not recognise this or did not have the courage to drop them.

On Hassan Shehata of Egypt. I also do not agree that he is most suitable for the job within such a very short time.  He may have succeeded in Egypt, but not without spending time to make mistakes and corrected them.  This man failed to qualify his team he knows so well.  He will obviously be a disaster with a team he knows very little about at the world stage.

In my opinion, the man whom the cap fit, considering the fact that we are behind time is Samson Siasia.  Ask me why?  He was there; he knows the boys; he knows the terrain and even the politics.  Samson has the know-how.  He has performed and he can still perform.

Sunny Anya says:
We should take our time and resources and look for good managers and coaches anywhere in the world to manager our football, that is one thing that brings joy and happiness to lots of homes and UNITY to the ‘nation’.To me our achieving national teams are more important than the so-called national assembly chikena.

Steve Kola says:
Paul Bassey, you goofed. I used to respect you a lot but now I think I have to reconsider. What’s anybody’s beef with Jay Jay? This is one man who served this country diligently well. You can blame our failure to qualify for Germany 2006 on Jay Jay Okocha, you can’t expect him to play all games at his age.

I have listened to Siasia several times talk about Nigeria and the Super Eagles, I can’t remember one time Siasia criticised Amodu. He doesn’t have to do that, the records of both men are there for all to judge. Please stop this “Pull him down” syndrome, it doesn’t just kills, it assassinates.

Chigozie Okoh says:
Please let’s stop all these nonsense, tell ourselves the truth, the truth is that Keshi and Amodu cannot lead us, if we talk of indigenous coach, then is Siasia, but if we are talking of foreign coach I think the Zambian Herve Renard will lead us well as Technical Adviser to Coach Siasia, let’s wake up on time before it’s too late, we all know the truth, so let’s save Nigerians, because this is the only sport that brings us together, long live NIGERIA.

‘Segun Alabi says: As much as I love this country, the leadership at almost every level keeps disappointing me. We so much believe in the white-skinned people that are not really white and sad enough, we don’t just believe in ourselves. Foreign coach!!! as if he’s coming to perform magic with his skin colour…. Bora was here, Troussier was here, Berti Vogts was here etc. What did they do? except for Westerhof and Bonfrere.

These ”Jobless White People” will come around, everything they request is granted them, take our money, achieve nothing and go.

But indigenous coaches are usually treated otherwise. Was it not in this country that Samson Siasia had to go rent a church bus to convey his “boys” to the field of play? Would they treat a foreign coach like that? not even Berti Vogts that was coaching from his country.

If Amodu is not good enough, then let them bring other people with him – Siasia, Keshi, Eguavoen, Chukwu, if five heads will not be better than any foreign coach’s. It is high time we started appreciating our own and start thinking Nigerian. Whatever problem, we can solve by ourselves rather than calling someone who doesn’t even understand the system.

Tata says:
Amodu and keshi would solve the problem and correct the 2002 injury….and these coaches are cheap… the sports ministry does not have the money……look…we will even win the World Cup with this duo…why because God is a Nigerian…

Rawlings Nekpenekpen says:
I was really feeling your thoughts until I ran into the place you said if it was up to you, you will make Keshi and Amodu our national team coach. God will punish all the people playing politics with our national soccer team! This is the only thing that brings us together, but these chumps only care about their pride and pocket! The best coach to lead Nigeria now is Samson Siasia. NFF, went as far as contacting Shehata! For what? To leave us after the World Cup and take our millions? That is what you all call team building? Give Siasia the job or God will start punishing you people severely.

Anthony says:
When shall we stop thinking linearly and begin systemic thinking to resolve the problem in our football? When shall we stop crisis management and start consequence thinking. Until we look into these issues and change our approach, this same problem of Nigeria football will be talked about for another 100 years and nothing will improve. If the team does not do well is the ineptitude of the coach. Have we ever also thought of the ineptitude of the system that chose an ineptitude coach in the first place? Let us think Nigerians for once. I rest my case. God bless our fatherland. Amen.

Chuka Okafor says:
Politicians cannot be football administrators, we can’t have people in the Glass House playing football with politics. Let our Ex-players who are fit to run for positions in NFF stand out for elections.
See you next week.

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