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Nigerian Content is defined as the quantum of composite value added or created in the Nigerian economy through the utilization of Nigerian human and material resources for the provision of goods and services to the petroleum industry within acceptable quality, health, and safety and environmental standards in order to stimulate the development of indigenous capabilities.”

Nigerian content is about making more of the things we use locally, so that our economy can grow, and our children can have jobs. It is about planning our national consumption of goods and services, in such a way that local production becomes the norm in the medium to long-term, so that all our export earnings do not go into making other nations rich at the expense of us and our children.

We should dictate the tune because we pay the piper. We must change our “consumption potential” into “business opportunities”, so that our economy can grow, and provide real employment opportunities for our people.

Nigerian Content is all about value addition. It is a journey of a thousand miles that begins with the first step of patriotism, humility and a simplicity of mind to accept that there are international standards and we must rise above the chaotic system of our society and rather than give excuses for why things can be done the Nigerian way, discover better ways of doing things whilst aspiring to achieve international standards.

Nigerian Content is about mastering an art of service delivery, acquiring technology and knowledge, building appropriate capacity, capability and competencies that are required to meet targets, developing the right (inter and intra) partnerships, alliances, strategies for Joint Ventures and Consortia efforts, understanding the implication of schedules, costs, quality, health and safety.

Nigerian Content is all about engaging in best practices, developing organisations and institutions with good corporate governance, implementing systems, process and procedure that would ensure global competitiveness. Nigerian Content requires a consciousness that overrides tribe and culture. It needs to operate beyond geopolitical preferences. Global competitiveness must be the basis for decision-making rather than the norm of quota systems, resource sharing or political affiliations.

Nigerian Content is about strategic thinking, planning and implementation for the sake of 140 million Nigerians who did not choose to be born as Nigerians but to whom the leadership must be responsible.  Planning should be categorised into short, medium and long-term planning with milestones and targets set so that we can benchmark our performance, growth and development.

Nigerian Content is not about shifting the goal post so that a contract is awarded to a Nigerian friend whilst merit, quality and safety is jeopardised. It is not a license to break rules and promote mediocrity. It is not an opportunity to hijack opportunities that rightfully belong to many Nigerians because you are privy to some insider information,

Nigerian Content is not about figures. It is all about poverty alleviation, job and wealth creation. It is about movement from the agrarian age to the industrial, information technology and then the ideas age. It’s all about the implementation of processes and procedures. It’s about optimising and maximising the value of our crude and natural resources and then processing, refining and transforming them into finished products that would attract the highest value and worth from the international and local buyers.

What Nigeria so desperately needs is excellent leadership, way makers, trail blazers, futuristic planners, role models and world renowned technocrats. Builders of institutions and organisations, People of transparency and integrity. A leadership guided by a conscience of accountability to its citizenry. We need our own John. D. Rockefeller’s, Andrew Carnegie’s, William Vanderbilt’s, Andrew Mellon’s, Henry Ford’s, Sam Walton’s, Bill Gates’, Paul Getty’s, Howard Hughes’.

There is poverty in the mind and spirit currently reigning in Nigeria today. Nigerian Content cannot become a reality until the content of the Nigerian mind and intellect becomes truly Nigerian. If flying first class, buying the best cars in spite of our disgraceful roads, acquiring homes overseas and stashing away funds offshore is your goal and objective then I wonder if the capital flight implications of your actions qualifies you as a Nigerian Content contractor.

As we work towards a better goal of a Vision 2020, 20, I hope that we will come out with some tangible deliverables from our actionable items. Our journey of a thousand miles can commence with re-familiarisation with our two National Anthems that this country has experienced

Rather than pay a bribe, in future please give that fellow Nigerian who has requested for something for the boys an envelope that has a crisp white A4 paper folded with the Nigerian national anthem.

Dr. Ibilola Amao is a Principal Consultant with Lagos-based Lonadek Oil and Gas Consultants, a firm of technical consultants with their core competence in the area of due diligence, human resource capital development, technology transfer, systems implementation and engineering support services. For more information or to reach Dr. Amao you can email her at or visit

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