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New identity: APCON, brandexperts commend Unity Bank

Advertising Practi  tioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), Chairman, Prof. Chris Doghudje, and other brand experts have commended Unity Bank for the implementation of its new corporate identity programme.

Prof. Doghudje at a brand sensitization workshop for the bank executives in Abuja said the bank could differentiate itself from the crowd of other banks and financial services providers with its branding efforts.

Malam Rufa’i Ibrahim,CEO and editor-in-chief of the Peoples Daily, who spoke on giving press interviews and handling sensitive issues advised the bank management to always prepare for press interviews well ahead of the scheduled date, adding that preparing for a press interview is like preparing to go hunting where both the hunter and hunted devise ways to outsmart each other.

He said while responding to questions during a press interview, a bank CEO should remain calm, authoritative and focused on the message he wants to put across to audiences, bearing in mind that the journalist is listening with his eyes trying to observe if his respondent is jolted by a particular question and follow up on the answer.

Mr.Clem Baiye, Chief Executive of Verity shared his experiences in crises communications and preserving a brand during turbulent times. He noted that, “the entire Nigerian banking industry is currently in a flux, hence the majority of the banking brands were under one form of stress or another. It is therefore a good time for Unity Bank to promote its brand above the fray.”

Explaining that a successful branding programme must incorporate crises communications, Baiye enjoined Unity Bank to be able to envisage several types of crises situations, and prepare for them in advance. These flash points, he said, include an investigation by a regulatory authority or law enforcement agency, an open revolt by shareholders, a severe economic downturn, and natural disasters such as fire, the death of a CEO or product default.

Ogie Eboigbe, Chief Executive of Raimundo & Barclay Ltd spoke on the essence of internal communications in preserving a bank brand and enhancing corporate productivity. He also espoused 10 ways to kill a bank brand, which include failure to carry employees along while building the brand, ignoring junior staff in the brand sensitisation process and not properly equipping the brand managers.

Mr. Emeka Maduegbuna, Chief Executive of Corporate &Financial  said to attain best practice in investor relations and good corporate governance, there was a need to make consistent and comprehensive disclosures to the market, keep the Unity Bank brand’s main message clear to everyone, and have a good understanding of the investing community.


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