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How to sack Yar’Adua — Rep

…says Nigeria has terrorism tendencies

By Tordue Salem

ABUJA—A member of the House of Representatives, Rep. Emmanuel Jime has declared that the only way to oust the ailing President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua from office is through an amendment of section 145 of the 1999 Constitution to compel him to handover power to his deputy and not through an impeachment.

The Lawmaker who represents Makurdi/Guma Federal Constituency of Benue State, who said this during an interview with newsmen, advised that the heat generated by the long absence of the President from office on account of his illness, would be futile if the relevant sections of the Constitution were not quickly amended.

“We have to put on our thinking caps on the whole requirement to solve this problem of the President and proceed proactively on the exercise so that we can look at the amendment of section 145. Amending that section is the better solution to this matter, rather than sentiments, emotions and even mischief making.

Because it is quite unfortunate that a lot of people who should know better are even being mischievous in some of the information they are doling out. That to me, is the position I will take on the issue as to whether we have a constitutional crisis”, he said.

The Lawmaker also punctured the argument by some that the listing of the country on the terrorism watch list was because the President was on sick leave in Saudi Arabia.

“Let me also quickly tell you that some of the mundane things I would be happy to say. Yesterday [Thursday], one of my colleagues said it was because of Yar’Adua’s absence that Nigeria was listed as a terrorist nation by the US, and I find that very laughable because there are over 20 countries on that terrorist list that I know. Saudi Arabia is one of the most important trading partners with America, and it is on that list. When they placed Saudi Arabia on that list, if I may ask, where was their President?

“It is mundane and laughable because I don’t see how Yar’Adua being here would change the mindset of the US. I think what we should be looking at is the condition that made it possible for Nigeria to be placed as a country of interest as far as terrorism is concerned, and I think those tendencies are there. Even within us, we can see it.

Everyday we are killing ourselves here under the guise that we are fighting. We have tendencies that show that there is that potential to terrorism”, he submitted.

On the position of the House of Representatives, the Deputy Chairman House Committee on Petroleum Upstream, said the House has chosen over the routine resolutions and motions to amend the very contentious section 145 to end the heat being generated by the failure of the President to transmit a letter to the National Assembly for his vice to act in his stead.

He said section 190 will also be amended for the Governors of the states to also be affected in the same token..


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