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Honesty Goes On Vacation

SUGGESTIONS that Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua intends to return to office soon bear out fears that in Nigeria, power is everything.

Why would a President who requires life-support machines want to continue in power? What type of presidency would he deliver?

Any doubts about the intention of the few who have run Nigeria in the past two months to continue their illegality should be cleared by this latest move. Talks of the President returning are meant to counter-mind calls to make Vice President Goodluck Jonathan acting President. The beneficiaries of the chaos over the President’s health think they can carry on the charade forever.

Proponents of this preposterous proposition are lost in their detachment with reality. Their claims to patriotism are falling apart rapidly. They are left with digging their claws deeper into Section 144 (a) which grants the Federal Executive Council, FEC, powers to resolve on the health of  the President  before the Senate President can set up a medical panel to verify FEC’s claims.

In two months, FEC has promoted the farce that the President was healthy and carrying out the duties of his office though delegation of powers to the Vice President and his Ministers.

We have some crooked politicians whose strident streak of special selfish services to the sectional sentiments they serve have kept them busy, debasing Nigerians with lies after lies. What do they intend to achieve with their relentless thrust at shattering the remaining stitching Nigeria together?

Why do they not throw out the Constitution altogether so that we can cease referring to the incapacitated President? They have operated without the Constitution particularly since November 23 when the President was spirited out of the country.

Sympathy of Nigerians for their ailing President has run out, justifiably so. We are being taken for granted. The President’s acolytes are exploring loopholes in the Constitution to foist themselves on Nigerians, making critical (in)decisions when they do not have the constitutional powers.

How would anyone think about more schemes to leave Nigeria rudderless? How much longer will they stretch Nigeria’s ability to cling to the edge of the cliff without falling over? Do we want to tie the remnants of our future to the health of the President as if there is a sudden discovery that without Alhaji Yar’Adua there would be no Nigeria?

In other places, serial violators of the Constitution would have been scared of the stiff penalties that await them. Here they consider themselves patriots.

Alhaji Yar’Adua has not been President for more than two months. He has been ill and unable to be President. What else is incapacitation except that the Constitution has handed the definition to the President’s foot soldiers who believe the President’s poor health secures their jobs?

When honesty is on vacation, not even the best Constitution can restore it. Both the President’s health and the conscience of our leaders are on extended vacation. Only the National Assembly can halt the deceit.


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