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Helios Towers, MultiLinks sign deal on managed network services

By Emeka Aginam
Nigerian  foremost infrastructure sharing and managed services provider, Helios Towers Nigeria in collaboration with fixed wireless telephone operator,  Multi-links Telkom have  recently signed a fully managed network services contract in Lagos.

Speaking on the managed services contract, Jeffrey Hedberg CEO of Multilinks Telkom with optimism  said that outsourcing the management of company’s passive infrastructure is part of the growth strategy to reduce Opex
Similarly, the CEO of Helios Towers, Fazal Hussain in his remarks  after the signing ceremony, “ We will replicate the value we have created with co-location business in managed services solution,  with immediate Opex reduction, and ensuring 99.9% uptime at all times while guaranteeing operators that with Helios Towers, their network will never go down”.

Before now, Helios Towers has been making  operators more successful by providing fully managed tower sites, reducing their capital investment, operating expenses and expediting their rollout.

However, the company, according to findings is now  the leading shared infrastructure provider and the reference point for quality of service in the industry and is well positioned to remain the dominant provider of   infrastructure sharing and fully managed services in Nigeria, while adapting its business models to the specific requirements of the Nigerian environment.

Helios Managed Services leverages on the existing expertise to supply additional services to Multilinks. The Managed Services market within the telecom industry is in a high-growth phase  as part of lean operator model and is characterized by agreements that vary in scope between Managed Services providers and a broad range of telecom operators.

With reducing ARPU and increasing degree of complexity, the operator can reduce the need to build network and services-related capability and lease this from Helios Towers which has expertise in managing this complexity (resulting in Opex reduction).

Helios Towers’ strength in telecom managed services lies in proven track record of managing over 1200+ BTS across Nigeria.

Helios Towers’ managed service is a third-party facilities management, monitoring and maintenance service offering to wireless network operators.

Multi-links Telkom has been at the forefront of telecoms revolution in Nigeria in the past few years being the first PTO   licensed in 1996.

The company was awarded Unified license in 2006 for provision of full range of telecommunications services over a broad range of technologies.

It offers an exciting bouquet of superior telecom services that encompasses the very best of voice, high speed data, internet and other innovative value added services to both individual and corporate subscribers.

Before now, Multilink Telkom had embarked on massive expansion of mobile telephone and broadband services to previously underserved areas which created a more favorable environment for businesses to operate, thereby creating jobs and contributing to economic growth of the country.

The key benefits of Multilinks/Helios Towers relationship include managing complexity., among others. The launch of new services in Nigerian environment usually brings complexity and creates other organizational challenges.
This increases operators’ workload, demands new skills and creates pressure to achieve greater efficiency of operations.

HTN’s managed services offering can efficiently manage this complexity to free up management resources to focus on core strategic tasks that will improve operators’ business.

Business Focus – Managed services will deepen the partnership between Multilinks and HTN to help overcome future business challenges. While HTN takes care of specific activities like passive infrastructure management, Multilinks can focus on its core business of managing the brand, the customers, and sales.


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