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Foreign coach: Oneya kicks against short term contract

By Patrick Omorodion & Bridget Amaraegbu

Former chairman of the Nigeria Football Association, NFA, Brigadier-General Dominic Oneya has warned the association that inasmuch as it wants to yield to the yearnings of the country’s football fans, it should not succumb to the idea of a short term  measure just for the World Cup.


According to Brigadier-General Oneya, the NFA should look for a foreign technical adviser who would help develop the country’s football instead of one who will just be here for the World Cup.

“Since Nigerians are yearning for a foreign coach, then let’s allow the Federation to do what they can and hope they’ll make us proud. They should not in any way be shopping for a coach with a short term contract because it will not do us any good. Let them look for a coach that can help develop our football, shortemism will kill our football if we continue with  it,” he warned.

The former military governor of Kano and Benue states however said he cannot stick out his neck for any of the coaches the NFA have interviewed for the Eagles job since he doesn’t have any knowledge of their profiles.

“I cannot mention any of the coaches as the best because I’m  not open to their different profiles but the federation should shop for a qualified coach that can make us proud at the World Cup and as well stay here to develop our football,” he said

Meanwhile as the appointment of a foreign technical adviser for the Super Eagles however continues to generate different reactions from different people, some others reckon there is no point discussing Nigerian football, arguing that there is nothing in it to talk about.

Two former helmsmen of the Nigeria Football Association, NFA, Anthony Kodjo Williams (Chairman) and Alhaji Sani Ahmed Toro (Secretary General) spoke through and Brila FM radio respectively with Toro cautioning on the process of the appointment  while Williams stated that it is a waste of time talking about the country’s football.
“I’ve said all I want to say about Nigerian football and I don’t want to talk again.

I am not interested. I’ve got other things to do than talk about Nigerian football. “It’s just a waste of time. I’ve got better things to do than give myself heartache about Nigerian football. There’s no point talking about a mess. It’s a total failure,” Williams exploded.

Toro on his part was vehement in condemning  the alleged semi final target being set for the incoming technical adviser, describing it as ridiculous, adding that it does not make the NFA look serious on the business of administering football.

He said that it was also wrong for the football body to invite a motley crowd of coaches to interview for the Eagles job, stressing that “what they should have done was to know who they want, go for him and discuss terms with him.”


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