By Folake Aina
The truth? Everything is spiritual, and whether we like it or not, we are all spiritual beings. We are all body soul and spirit,  and the earlier we realize this the better. As much as this is not a religious column, we must all realize that  whatever  goes on in your life is best handled spiritually.

I bet you are wondering where I am going today. Don’t worry, we will get there.

This is the beginning of a new year. For many people nothings is really happening. You all know…. Both at the state and National level (in most states) The budget has not been passed. So, very many people are worried. Some are busy because they carried over some business from the year 2009. I think no matter what you are doing, somehow, the Nations economy is affected by the budget.

Too many people would not dare admit it, but there is fear all around. No one is certain what  the year holds. Many are so worried, and just find themselves under so much pressure that sleep becomes a luxury. Many find themselves in the middle of the night startled from sleep.

They cannot sleep more than two hours throughout the night something just keeps waking them up. What I am saying is that instead of the whole situation destroying you, take advantage of it. Get spiritual. Become a prayer warrior.

Every time you cannot sleep, just get up and begin to pray. If you are one of those who do not belong to any religion, just get up and become a prophet to yourself, and begin to speak good things into your life. You just speak it, day in and day out.

Every time you cannot sleep, pray and decree over that situation or circumstance that is responsible for your sleeplessness. Before you know it, before too long, everything will begin to turn around for your

One thing  I have discovered is that no prayer is wasted, and prayers never die. Most women who are making waves have keyed into this prayer thing that I am telling you about, and it has become a way of life. They just find that things are moving without them pushing, things just get to happen. It is only wisdom. Something works, don’t loose it.

Believe me, I cannot  begin to give you the six steps to and ten steps to this and that. If I do not tell you this basic facts. Prayer works. Hook on to it.

Reminds we of this woman’s story. She has five daughters.  She and her husband always wanted  son, but the girls just kept coming. She said, as soon as she hit number five, they decided they would have to be satisfied with the girls. But there and then she made up her mind that these girls would succeed in life and marry well. She said every single day.

She would mention the girls names and begin to pray for them. She prayed for them all their lives, and she looks at them today, and realizes that every single prayer she prayed for each one of them over the years did not go to waste.

Each daughter is successful, married to successful men who love them and fear God. They all have sons and daughters of their own, and she says, in all those years, none of them fell sick, and apart for their shots and vaccinations, none of her daughters visited any hospital till when they got pregnant and had to go for anti –natal clinics, and then for the delivery of their children.

All five girls, as she prayed have healthy and beautiful children. She said when she was praying, in all the fifty odd years that have passed over her children, she just was consistent . Today, the manifestation is the result of the years she tarried in the place of prayer.

There are too many stories of people who prayed, and prayed, and just kept praying until the manifestation and fulfillment of their dreams. It must become a way of life. It is wisdom. When things are going right, pray. When things are not going the way you want, just pray. When you are happy pray. When  you are worried, pray. Before you sleep, pray, when you cannot sleep, get up and pray.

I know there are many reading right now, who feel that prayer itself is something that you have to learn. Many believe that they do not know how to pray. I agree that there are many special ways of praying. Some religions demand that you learn to pray a certain way I agree. But if you do not know those ways, don’t deprive yourself of the results that could come to your life through payer.

Just open your mouth and speak it. Speak to your  life  like you talk normally. Decree the things you want over your life and circumstances. Just speak it. That is a good place to start. Be wise.

I have also spoken before about the weapon of fasting . Use it. It does not matter your religious inclinations or gender, there is something that happens when you deprive the body of the things it loves …like food, and water that increases your spirituality. Be wise

This is a great year. Let us handle it spiritually, and the results will shock you.

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