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Whose Confutionists?

IF everything fails, blame the confusionists. This appears to be the Federal Government’s latest tactics in trying to rescue what it can of the sinking image of the government.  It is too obvious that there is something wrong with the way it is running; more like not running.

Nigerians are not in doubt that there are confusionists in our country. The confusionists are not hiding their hands. We see them everywhere. Their unflagging confidence in engaging in lawlessness is outstanding. They are the ones who are constantly reviewing the Constitution to fit into a presidentless country. They pursue this agenda with reckless relentlessness.

Professor Dorathy Nkemjika Akunyili, Minister of Information and Communication, was not telling us anything new in saying confusionists were at work. What she failed to address was the fact that today’s pretenders to patriotism, located mostly in the Federal Executive Council, have lost the right to engage in the type of preachment she is engaging in, while failing to account to Nigerians about the state of affairs.

Who does not know the country is in confusion? Who else but confusionists would populate a country that thrives on confusion? The issues are however deeper. Many, in government, profit from confusion. If it does not exist, they create it.

People in government only complain about confusion when they face competition. They want to make confusion exclusive to government. They have faced stiff competition in the past three weeks: riots in Jos, street protests, endless queues for petrol, and the unfinished matters of complaints from the international community about the place of Nigeria.

Akunyili’s complaint could be a response to the series of demands on President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua who has been away for more than 60 days, during which he put the country on hold. All the lies about the eminence of the President’s return have run out.

The protesters make a constitutional demand that the President should step out of office momentarily to attend to his health. The confusionists in government are content with running a headless body. What did they really do when the President was around?

Nigerians know the President is ill. What they do not know is the extent of his illness – that is where the confusion begins – with the full sanction of Akunyili’s tribe, the Federal Executive Council. Who are better confusionists than those who have turned government into a pantomime, a circus, and everything unserious?

If there is any confusion outside government, it is borrowed from the poor examples that President Yar’Adua and an uncompromising clan of lawless aides have elected for Nigeria. When a government imposes itself on the people, pretends to be law-abiding but jettisons the Constitution, Akunyili would not look too far to see confusionists.

A government that thrives on confusion cannot confront confusion unless it has decided to set out against itself. Akunyili has just added to the feast of emptiness government serves Nigerians.


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