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Nse Ikpe Etim in a hide and seek game with Amata

One of the revelations of 2009, Nse Ikpe Etim, who came into limelight after featuring in Emem Isong’s “Reloaded” can no longer deny the fact that she has something to do with Fred Amata. Nse once admitted that the ace producer, whom she described as “a very good friend of mine for 13 years” introduced her into the acting profession.

“Fred and I have been friends for 13 years, “ she echoed then,  avoiding to use the word, ‘lovers’. But every available evident indicates  the obvious that Nse and Fred are more than mere friends.

In fact, judging  from the restlessness and concern which Nse showed while Fred was in the House contesting for the coveted prize in the  just concluded Celebrity Takes 2, won by Yomi Raq, any doubting Thomas would be convinced that the rising actress is indulging in “a hide and seek game” with the famous actor and film maker.

Just listen to the actress as she appealed to her fans on her Face book group to vote for Fred, while the contest lasted. “ Please guys, I’d like you to do me a personal favour and support Fred Amata by voting for him in Celebrity Takes 2. I promise I would not have asked this favour if it were not very important to me.”

Nse did not stop at that as she went on to add, “it was not easy for me to get to where I am at the moment. I encountered many stumbling blocks along the way and almost gave up. Fred Amata was one of the people that never stopped believing in me.

“He spurred me on to continue and did not give up on me even when I gave up on myself. He is one of my mentors and one of the best pioneers of Nollywood, the industry that has today made you all notice and love me; and molded me into what I am today.

This is the reason I plead with you from the bottom of my heart to support him.”

Rumour mongers believe Nse and Fred are like two inseparable hearts that beat as one. Though Fred was once married to Agatha, and had a child from a famous actress who once suffered humiliation, following forces that saw her going behind the bar. And now, is Nse really confessing love to Fred in disguise, or just  a show of affection to a mentor? Your guess is as good as mine.


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