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I was betrayed, cheated – Bistop

The origin of the dissensionsJealousy came into my group because I’ve got more swagger. Ego came from our sponsor because I was my group’s leader in decision-making. He (the label CEO/sponsor) enticed my group with money to make my colleagues betray me because he sees me as a threat to his harsh ways of conduct. They (Smash and Vast) betrayed me after ten years of being together.

They call me Bistop, the origin of (pop group) Bracket and presently the owner of the newest single on air called ‘Celebrate’. I call that song ‘Celebrate’ because it’s a breakthrough for me.

Why it took this long to speak out


I was never given the chance to express what happened to me in my group. They (Bracket and management team) blocked every chance for me to seek the press. They were constantly feeding the masses and my fans with huge lies, that I dropped out of the group because of academic pressure, parental pressure and most of all, they said I was never serious with the group’s rehearsals.

The true position of things

My beautiful people, all you heard were lies. I was forced into going solo after 90 per cent completion of “Least Expected” (Bracket’s most recent and hit album). They laid allegations on me, made their judgments behind me and took their decisions behind me by deleting my voice from my songs, selling them (the songs) to a marketer, going for concerts without giving me a dime from ten years of my sweat.

I remember when I’d call their phone, they would not pick up, just to shut me out of being heard. But now, they call my phone trying to seek a way to make me not release the song ‘Celebrate’ on air.

I said to them, “(It’s) nothing personal. I have to tell the world what you did to me.” I would not have made it but here I am and I promise you in three years from now, the name Bistop will be a brand that will open most doors.

Finally, I want to thank all my fans and the press for constantly asking after me. I promise to make an album that you can’t resist in the future.— Culled from  House of Music Africa Blog

Bistop left for academic pursuit -  Bracket

Origin of the song Yori YoriWe didn’t plan for the song. When Bistop left the group for academic reasons, it became a big challenge for us who decided to stay back. So, we were looking at a commercial song that would be little dance able and would at the same time be unique. We didn’t know Yori yori would get so big.
One day, I was coming back from lectures when some lines came into my head and I recorded it on my phone. Initiall,y we were going to title it ‘My Love’ but people kept saying they liked that Yori yori flavour. So we took the advice and titled the song Yori yori.

It was the chorus that first came, then we took our time and wrote the verses.


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