Paul Bassey
As you are reading this the debate on Nigeria’s disastrous outing against Egypt is still on.If you are on the side of the NFF, then you will need to be reminded that in 1990, Nigeria was thrashed in the opening match against Algeria and still came back to play in the final, that is why the match between Benin and Mozambique was considered a very good result that will enable us to come back.

For me, I look at Algeria, Cameroon and even Cote d’ Ivoire and say what is happening? I even have it on good authority that all the coaches of their World Cup opponents are regretting coming and have packed their bags to go back.
Question. Does Angola signify that Africa will have a terrible World Cup? Or are the teams still savouring qualification and in the process underated others?

Well, we are not here to discuss what you already know or saw, rather let me let you into some behind the scene happenings. For instance, when the Egyptians were taking on the Nigerians you could see their star studded shirt, six stars to be specific denoting the number of times the Pharaohs have won the Nation’s cup.

This is the practise even at the World Cup and the European Nations Cup, for kit manufacturers to depict the competition status of their clients.The Eagles have two stars to their credit and Adidas should be made to reflect this please.

General Dominic Oneya is a member of the CAF Nations Cup Organising Committee and is based in Lubango where you have Cameroun, Gabon, Zambia and Tunisia. The CAF delegation is lodged in an impressive environment called Casmir Lodge and the manager of the place does everything to make sure that the team is relaxed and at home.

General Oneya has just finished his dinner and wanted some fruits preferably bananas. She brought the banana in a plate, complete with a fork and  knife.

There is a lost look on the Generals face. Eat banana with fork and knife? She said “yes” took the knife, sliced the banana in two, diced it and told the General to proceed. He did, but when he handled the second one, he preferred the normal way, more filling, and traditionally accepted.

I have not finished with the General. On Tuesday, as he was checking his mail, we noticed that the response he got from Yahoo was “Hi Dominic”. You see I am one of those who believe that culture and tradition should be respected.

Pray, how do we get to let Yahoo know that this man is not only a retired General in the Nigerian Armed Forces, but was a military governor of two states, former Chairman of the Nigeria Football Association…….etc. how do we get Yahoo to know that Paul can be “hi Paul”, Linus Mba can be “Hi Linus” but when it comes to the general, it should be……….I wonder.

In an earlier piece I did on tit bits, I wrote how I was laughed at for daring to believe that all Portuguese words ended with an “O”. Let me stretch my belief a bit further by informing that stadium is Estadio, while governor is governo ( of course the “r” in the end had to be removed. If you are heading for the super market, your driver will be told to take you to a supermecado.

Of course, centre is centro, airport, aeroporto and augusto is august, while first aid is primeiros soccoros. If you think I have made my point, obligarto (thank you).


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