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When govt doesn’t care

By Morenike Taire
THERE is something seriously wrong when a government no longer cares what the people think.
In the days of the Obasanjo administration when all the most outrageous increases in petroleum products prices took place, Nigerians were involved in the process all the way.

There were riots and talks and talks and riots, which ended, inevitably, with government having its way and increasing price. There would be a short period of peace, then the rumours would begin of how there was going to be another round of increases. The rumours would substantiate themselves by an official announcement and drums of war would be heard again from the leadership of Labour, which would usually be fully backed by the masses.

The riots would begin once again and the cycle of more extreme deprivation and killings would begin. There would be negotiations and rumours of negotiations, then Labour, on behalf of all, would agree to a middle point, which would no doubt be revisited in not so distant a time.

The hallmark of such a negotiation would be the reasons government is carrying out yet another price increase
There is something seriously wrong when a people no longer care what their leaders do.

Celebrate Christmas!

FROM the point where Christmas became an economic
holiday rather than one during which the mercies of the Christian God through the birth of Christ Jesus ought to be celebrated, we had derailed anyway. There are all the nativity plays about the birth of Christ and how the Lord was born in a manger and all the rest of it, but that is where it ends. The reason for the season has been commerce for a long time now, particularly in countries where the giving of presents is the norm.
This, of course, has been attributed to the showing of love and goodwill, and if some large retailers make huge profits out of it… all well and good.
So far, this year’s Christmas has reflected the global economic mood, with cutbacks even on fireworks and food. Rather than despair and while we look forward to and work towards a more prosperous Christmas in 2010, what we ought to do is seize the opportunity to return to the original reason for the season. It’s not how big the turkey is or how tall the tree, but the goodwill and the joy and kindness to all you see.

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