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Season For A Reason

NO day is as special as Christmas even for non-Christians. It is a time the world seems to come to a stop to acknowledge the birth of Christ Jesus who finally died to redeem the world and reconcile people to God, so long as they are willing to accept the lordship of Jesus.

Debates about the exact date of Jesus’ birth and the absence of the type of sobriety that should befit the season, have not in any way diminished the festival which annually assumes more prominence globally.

Christmas is the most disorderly part of the year – greed grows, crimes sprout and the billowing proclivity to acquire things for the celebration never abate. These are not the reasons for the season, nor should this be the season for these behaviours considering the character of the central figure in the events of the season.

There are more motor accidents, more deaths from these accidents than at any other time of the year. These accidents result mostly from reckless driving, on the wings of a wave of alcoholic consumption peculiar to this season. All excessiveness is glorified. Every  preachment about HIV/AIDS and the World AIDS Day, just three weeks ago, would be forgotten in the most devastating moments of impassioned selfishness.

Prices of goods and services have jumped as everyone exploits a season that papers over our poverty, creates a picture of affluence, and leaves more people poorer.

In a country with high doses of religiosity, Christmas has provided the perfect platform for commercialisation of faith, hope and expectations. With poverty raging – and the authorities parading statistics to prove poverty is bearable – the majority of people hinge their expectations on fringes of promises about the extraordinary.

How would Jesus Christ have lived today? What would He have said about cellphones, internet, the emerging status of marriage and the family, the various atrocities that are committed in God’s name? What would He have said to the poor, whose hope of redemption from the shackles of oppressive governments remains furlong?

This is a season with a reason – the reason being that God cares for people enough to have sent His son to die for them. The authorities, especially, those who claim God put them in office, are bound, like God to have a feeling for the peoples’ plight. Do they remember the people?

Christmas is a time of celebration, but as we go into the elaborate celebrations, we should not forget that there are still millions of people in Nigeria, who cannot afford a meal a day, whether it is Christmas or not.

If we can do something about their plight, no matter who we are, it would be in line with the reason for the season. We wish our readers Merry Christmas.


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