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Expert lists nutritional value of eggs

By Laja Thomas

LAGOS — The importance of eating egg for the nutritional value of the human body has been enumerated to include reduced risk of stroke in men, reduced risk of breast cancer in women and dietary choline intake inversely associated with breast cancer risk.

This was made known by consultant on egg nutrition and former Executive Director of the Egg Nutrition Centre in Washington DC, U.S.A., Dr. Donald McNamara, at the 30th anniversary of Animal Care Services Konsult Nigeria Ltd in Lagos, where he was the quest lecturer.

Speaking on the topic: “Eggs and cholesterol: The myths, the facts and now, the good news”, he said: “Early dietary recommends that everyone eats three to five eggs a week, preferably daily. And that pregnant women should take two eggs per day to meet the required source of choline the body needs. Eggs contain higher level of choline than any other non-meat product.”

Speaking on choline, an essential nutrient found in eggs which strengthens cell membrances, the egg expert said: “There is increasing research suggesting that choline is particularly important in fatal brain development and the prevention of neural tube defects and more women need to know more about the nutrient and its benefits.”

“Everyone needs to get enough choline in their diets to stay healthy. However, it is especially critical during pregnancy and lactation,” he said.

He explained that folic acid and choline work together in many of the biochemical reactions that involve proper fatal nervous system development.


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