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Christmas is a time you share with others not only for those who worked for you

Merry Xmas!!! Merry Xmas!!! Merry Xmas. I know that we all have Christmas gifts wrapped up for our loved ones. If you have not got a gift for any member of your family, for your friends and neighbors, its still not too late to dash to town, and get a gift.

Remember this is a season for sharing and showing appreciation to others for all they have been to you, especially during the course of the year. It’s a season for scattering. It is a season for merry making. It’s a season for rejoicing. It is the season when you let others know how much they mean to you.

 Now! There are some people who have taken people  around them for granted.

Year in year out, people stretch out their hand of love to you, and they send you gifts just to show you how much they love and appreciate you. You just receive the gifts, like it is your God given right. O! You think because you helped them out at some point, they must come back to say thank you, and that is what the gift is all about. This is what many people in positions of authority and power do. They just take the gifts for granted. They acquire the baskets as measure for popularity. They show the Christmas baskets off in their offices, and that is that.

They do not acknowledge that they received the gifts. They do not appreciate the people that sent them gifts.

Listen!!! Gifts are meant to be exchanged. Even if you  are so stingy and you do not give anyone presents, you must make sure that you at least give back gifts to those that gave you. That is the secret of staying on top.

For those of you in positions of authority who just take the gifts for granted. You wait for the first Christmas after you leave office. You can bet that you would not receive any gift from any of those people or any body.. But if you make it a love thing, and give out gifts too, all your life, the gifts just keep rolling in.

So there is so much turkey and chicken to consume. Praise God for that. There is so much to be thankful for. There is so much to eat and drink. But really for those who understand the times and the season, this period is not just for chicken and turkey.

It is a period of sober reflection. You must reflect on your life. You must reflect on where you are and where you want be in life. We are talking about how far in life you have gone in 2009, and where and how you want to be in 2010. It is not all about money you know?
Think about this.

Every good thing starts in one second, just like every bad and negative thing could start and begin in one second.

So this is a period where you go back to your maker and settle some scores. More than the merry making, it is a period where many have learnt that if you want to have a life time of success, bliss and merry making, this is the time to fast and pray. There are some things that only your fast and your prayer can move.

So, no matter what your religion, key in with your maker this season. You pray that if there are any of your blessings that need to reach you before 2010, you can still pray them in the few days left of 2009.

You then in the sprit of thanksgiving, appreciating all that 2009 meant for you, you begin to take authority over 2010. You prayerfully begin in this season to key into the goodness of 2010, and you prayerfully  wade off all the evil that comes with that year 2010. 

Believe me!!! Prayerfully, you can
ensure a sickness free, stress free and problem free 2010. You can prayerfully command the blessings of 2010 into your life. This is the time to go to your maker and claim your blessings. Someone said that while the foolish were busy eating and drinking, the wise ones were busy packing the blessings.

By the time they all entered the New year all the blessings had been possessed by the wise ones who dedicated time to prayer and fasting, and there was none left for those who were careless.

Be wise. Don’t debate it. Prayer has never killed anyone. You try it, and all your life you would not move through this period of transition from one year to another carelessly.

I just want to encourage us all that whatever you have is enough for Christmas.

It is not by force that you slaughter a ram or Roast turkey and barbeque chicken. Don’t borrow for Christmas. What you have is enough to share with friends and family who come round to your house.

As you move in with your God, you must also get involved with your family. I am referring especially to parents who have older children.

This is an opportunity to bond with your children. Get to know them and train them to build their relationship with God, and to handle the times and the seasons prayerfully. I know this is strange to many and does not make sense, but it is wisdom. Try it


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