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Where are you going?

By Bishop Francis Wale Oke

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he (Proverbs 29:18).
When the Bible is talking about vision, it is not about images and dreams you see in the night. It is about a clear understanding of where God is taking you to, a clear revelation about your tomorrow, about the next step you are going to take, the next plan you are going to make. Why do you think Esau sold his birthright? No vision. When there is no vision, people do anything.  No matter  what might have taken place in your life, if you will cooperate with God, your tomorrow will be alright.
The fact that you  are alive now and you are not dead means there is hope, the fact that Jesus Christ has not come means there is hope,  so, there is still a great future waiting for you and today  you will step into it. Man is a creature of  hope, a hopeless man is worse than dead; part of what makes life worth living is the excitement and the eagerness of  hope.

Hope makes life worth living. Give yourself a hope.  Where are you going from here? If you are not clear in your mind where you are going, you may be depressed. You need to have something exciting to look forward to. Give yourself a hope; catch a dream of a great tomorrow. Don’t bother how young you are,  Samuel began to see the vision of a great tomorrow from the age of three. It doesn’t matter how old you are, Abraham began to see a vision of great tomorrow at the age of  ninety-nine. So, between three and ninety-nine, you can dream, you can have a vision, you can plan to make your life better. God has a better deal for you than what you have now.

If anybody tells you that what you have now is the best that God has for you, that person is your first enemy. Your better days are still ahead of you and you can step into it today. When a man stops dreaming, he’s dead. When a man  stops seeing visions, he’s dead. When a man stops seeing a greater tomorrow, he’s dead. Where are you going from here? Begin to dream and to see visions and then begin to aspire towards the vision you see and begin to give your  life a lift. Begin to dream of a better tomorrow. It is  where there is no vision that the people perish. Why was it that Joseph refused to sleep with Potiphar’s wife? It is because he had a dream of a greater tomorrow. He refused to destroy his future by the messing of the present. Where there is no vision, people do anything, they sleep anytime, they wake up any time, they talk anyhow, and they live anyhow.

The question is: where are you going from here? Do you need to restructure your business so as to move to the next level? Do you need to go to school or to attend a seminar to improve yourself? In what ways do you need to repackage yourself, your business to get to the next level? You need to key into the vision that is a guidance that He has prepared for you.


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