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Style Tips to Make You Look Slimmer

By Yemisi Suleiman
Wear wide leg pants
You may think that wide leg pants make you look bigger than what you are. In fact, the wide leg style creates a nice straight line and also the illusion of longer legs. This makes you look taller. If you are interested in something other than traditional wide leg pants, cuffed leg is the right one to go for. If you are under 5’5 avoid cuffed pants because they make short legs look shorter.

•Wear  dark  colours dress
•Wear dark colours dress

Wear boot cut or slight flare jeans
Jeans are an everyday wear, so you have to be very careful and clever while choosing the jeans. Boot cut jeans and jeans with a slight flare look good on every body type. As Jeans creates long and clean lines, it creates a soft silhouette giving it a slimming look.

Choose the right fit
A common mistake we make when shopping is we look at the number on the tag and neglect the fit. Size varies from one store to another. So you have to try a variety of sizes to know the best fit. If you wear something too small it makes you look a lot bigger than you are. So make sure you get the right fit.

The longer the better
Pants that are too short cause great irritation. You have to make sure that the pants you choose are long to cover most of your shoe. The longer your pants, the better they are. Long lines create long legs and create a slimmer look.

Pointed toe shoes
Pointed toe shoes make you look slim. Whether they are flats or heels, they allow the length of your pant to flow into a point. Rounded toe shoes cut off the line and make your legs look stumpy.

Wear dark colors
Dressing in dark colors makes you look slimmer. Instead of traditional black, opt for charcoal or navy. If you like something other than a solid color one, go for a dark woven tweed or subtle pinstripe. Avoid dressing in head-to-toe dark colors. Dark pants and a fun bright top or a top in contrasting color make the right pair.

Don’t be clingy
Wear pants made of heavier fabrics. They won’t cling to your leg and hide your flaws. Look for flowy and light fabrics, which pull away from your body.

Focus on your assets
Every one of us will have some wonderful assets that we want to show. If your legs are gorgeous, wear a nice full knee length skirt. If you’ve great arms, wear sleeveless tops. Wear it with a blazer that cinches at your waist. You can also add a belt to pull the blazer in.


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