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Riot in prison over Bode George

By Emma Nnadozie, Crime Editor
Indications emerged, Friday, that it took what could have culminated into a violent  riot at the Kirikiri Maximum Prison, Apapa, Lagos  for prison authorities at Maximum Prisons, Kirikiri to formally hand over the popular prison blue-and blue uniform to convicted Chieftain of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former Board Chairman of Nigerian Ports Authority, Chief Bode George.

Reliable sources inside the prison revealed that penultimate day, some of the artisan  inmates in the prison who were being marched to their workshop suddenly became violent on approaching Bode George’s cell and started shouting, banging their implements on the gate, demanding that he should bring out the money he squandered for them to share.

Bode George' s bail application hits the rocks
Bode George' s bail application hits the rocks

According to the reliable source, the prisoners used their hammers, chisels and double edged bars to hit on the gate of his cell calling on the prison authorities to, without delay, provide a uniform for him or face the consequences.

The protesting prisoners reportedly also insisted that Chief George should share his loot equally with them or face their wrath.

The action of the artisans which  sources said, attracted the attention of other prisoners, culminated in a general upheaval which nearly turned violent, but for the quick intervention of the Controller of the prison who ordered the immediate provision of an official uniform for Chief George.

The source said, “The prison artisans were passing by his cell when they saw him on mufti. They reacted spontaneously with their implements calling for the immediate provision of prison uniform for him or hell will be let loose.  They were banging heavily on his cell until the controller was quickly invited and he ordered that a uniform be quickly provided for him and it was done.  Chief George now adorns the official blue top and trousers meant for all prisoners in the country.”

Similarly, Saturday Vanguard scooped that Chief George’s feeding routine is a bowl of Quaker Oats in the morning , amala, gbegiri and ewedu in the afternoon and any other choice of food at night.   It was gathered that he sits inside his cell all day long reading both national and international newspapers with deep concentration.

Sources also hinted that he has set an unenviable record since the existence of the prison by receiving the largest number of visitors on a daily basis.  According to the source, he receives not less than 2000 visitors of different shades and characters daily and about 60% of them are women of different shapes and sizes.

The source revealed that one of the numerous women came last week in an Infinity Jeep and delivered well packaged dozen of boxers and singlet to him.   So far, it was gathered that only two women who claim to be his lawful wives have been visiting constantly.

“They normally come with a green range Rover Jeep with his food. ” The source said Chief George has never failed to offer prayers daily in the morning and nights at the prison chapel, clad in his prison uniform.


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