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Politics Special : The PFN prayer

THE Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) last week rose from its national executive council meeting and declared that all is not well with the nation. Well, with many prophets who see where the rest of us don’t among them, it’s difficult to fault them. But then, no Nigerian needs any seer, or prophet to tell him or her the situation of things.

With everybody generating own power, drilling boreholes for own water supply, resident formimg associations who mobilise resources to tar their streets, hire militias for security, it surely is clear that all is not well. PFN President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor then delivered a punch-line: “As the conscience of the nation, the Church is asking God to kill those who are standing on the nation’s way to progress.” Strange prayer, not so?

But it’s a strange country where policemen refuse to enforce the law, civil servants refuse to do their bit, politicians fend only for themselves, while law-makers are busy with everything except their primary mandate. Let that prayer come true, now.

As the budget fails every year
Again, the budget for this year has failed, just as the year is ending, and finishing touches being put to another budget proposal for next year. One of the chief worries of Dimeji Bankole, Speaker of the House of Representatives is why and how MDAs fail to utilise funds budgeted and released for the execution of developmental projects.

Well, one can understand about the global economic meltdown and the fall in oil prices which made inflows more strenuous than usual. One can also understand the chain reactions unleashed on the economy by Sanusi’s banking reforms. But despite these, there are many instances where many projects were not affected by these twin phenomena.

The problem must be what an official attributed to the attitude of civil servants sometimes last week, when the official intimated that some of the mandarins will be recommended for prosecution for impairing the Due Process Act. Why are people behaving this way? Why must people, for pecuniary benefit, deliberately work against the progress of their own country?

NURTW wonder
There is magic in the air. Residents of Lagos, and others who visit Lagos must have noticed campaign posters being carried by many commercial vehicles in Lagos. The campaign posters are about aspirants seeking election into the state council of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).

This is simply magical because in the 30 years of its history (NURTW was created by Decree 21 of 1978 by the Obasanjo administration), this has never happened. The founding General Secretary of the union, Mazi Vincent Igwe Jack, died on the job, but presidents changed, from Simeon Adebisi Dada, through Adebayo Ogunnaike (Bayo Success), to Edward Iorshagher, and the incumbent, Alhaji Hamman Gidado. However, it is in the state chapters that the public gets to know the true colours of NURTW. Remember late Saka Saula?

Anyway, if what we see is the beginning of new things in the transport sector, those who started it should see it through. Perhaps this is the beginning of efforts to rein in the capricious controllers of the unregulated transport sector.


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