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Glo 3G internet modems storm prepaid market

By Prince Osuagwu
Apparently trying to  wet its customers’ appetite before the commercial launch of the Glo 1 submarine cable that landed in Lagos and Ghana recently, Second National Operator, Globacom last week, launched its prepaid 3G Plus modem, plugging its prepaid subscribers on the high speed internet service.

Introducing the modem at a media launch in Lagos, Globacom’s Director of Sales, Ken Hall, noted that the internet package gives subscribers the freedom to use the service anytime, anyhow and anywhere.

Describing it as easy-to-use, Hall also added that the 3G plus modem is given to subscribers at the most competitive rate in the market. The modem, a Huawei E160G, according to Globacom, is of the highest quality and is compatible with various operating systems and networks
including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Apple Mac, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA and HSDPA.

“The modem pack and modem are beautifully designed and project a vibrant appeal.  Each High Speed Internet modem comes with a customized and easy to follow User Guide.  Once the High Speed Internet modem is plugged into a desktop or laptop a Glo GUI (Guided User Interface) appears on screen allowing the user to set preferences and begin browsing instantly.  This particular Glo 3G plus product has been designed specifically for ease of use and setup as opposed to many other modems in the market that do not take into perspective detailed Customer care”, said Hall.

To enjoy the high speed internet service on the 3G Plus modem, a prepaid subscriber is required to simply text “activate” to 127 from the 3G Plus SIM. Other advantages of the Glo 3G Plus modem include extensive coverage, instant activation, low tariff, subscription and re-subscription via recharge cards and flexible bundle offerings.

Hall said the 3G Plus technology was extended to prepaid subscribers on the Glo network to enable them enjoy benefits which before now were available to only postpaid subscribers. Globacom had in December 2007 launched the 3G Plus and commenced the first phase of the prepaid 3G Plus services which covers Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin and Port Harcourt.

The company promised an accelerated plans to introduce the service in other locations across the country.
For Hall, the Glo 3G Plus technology revolutionizes the way data is transferred and relayed digitally by making much faster the transmission of data, voice, broadband internet and multimedia services over a range of frequencies.

“In addition to giving users high- speed internet access, the 3G Plus technology allows them to do video calls and video streaming on their 3G mobile handsets. It also offers other advanced mobile services such as Video Greeting Kiosk, Video Mail Box, Video conferencing on both
Phones and PCs and so many other services on the 3G High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) network, which enables speeds up to 3.6 Mega bytes per second (Mbps),” he stated.

“In essence, the Glo prepaid 3G Plus High Speed internet modem offers users faster connectivity and faster downloads at affordable rates,” he explained, adding that three packages had been designed for the convenience of subscribers. The highly flexible usage options offered by Glo include the All Day Packs, Bundled Hour Packs and Flexi packs.

Giving details of the packages, Sales Manager of 3G Plus, Olawunmi Jewesimi, said the All Day pack has the Always MAX, Always Min and Always Day package types. For the Always MAX package, the user is required to pay N10,000 monthly fee and this gives him access to the internet all day for 30 days.
For the Always Min package, Jewesimi explained, the user pays N5,000 a month for all-day access to the internet for 30 days, while the monthly fee for Always Day pack is N500 for all day access for 24 hours.

The Bundled Hour Packs come in two categories: G300 which attracts N15,000 monthly fee for all day access for 300 hours and G100 which has a monthly fee of N6,000 with 100 hours, all day access.

Similarly, the Flexi pack is in two categories: the G Work package attracts N6,000 monthly charge with 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. access for 30 days and the G Leisure which has a monthly fee of N5,000 for 30 days’ access for 8 p.m. to 9 a.m. every day and all day during weekends.

He said the launch of the 3G Plus network was informed by Globacom’s passion to avail subscribers and Nigerians at large the benefits of advances made in information and communications technology for the purpose of spurring  economic and socio-political success.

The service will be of great benefit to students, academics, professionals, Middle-level managers, researchers and corporate organizations, Jewesimi noted.

Glo is reputed as having the best GPRS coverage in Nigeria. Jewesimi said the already fast Glo’s prepaid 3G services will receive a further boost when Glo 1 which landed in the country recently starts to carry traffic.


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