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Experts call for training in human relations

By Dayo Adesulu
Organizations that want to get to the peak of their goals have been called upon to create customers service units and empower them with the needed knowledge and skills to thrive in the field of human relations. This counsel came from the Managing Director ( Human Resources, HR Indexx) Mrs Ambah Ete while explaining at the seminar the importance of customer service personnel in organisations, adding that  the interested public who which to further their knowledge in customer service are welcome as her institution offers online diploma in the course.

Also speaking on the theme titled ‘’Best Practice for Customer Service Professionals” . Mrs Stephanie Edwards, an expert in the subject matter from the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) in the United Kingdom who is well known around the world as a leading expert in the field of customer service and human resources development said, it is not the building that brings about business success but the people that make the difference.

All the people that patronize an organization meet with the customer service first. Customer service creates customers and keep them as competency equal behavior. Since there are competitions everywhere, only customer service that make them come to you. Customer service is the power of service and every organisation’s strategic weapon

She continued: “World class customer satisfaction relies on world class staff satisfaction as staff retention is important, adding that every organization must have a reputation for service. According to her, reputation attracts customers and staff. installing a culture of excellent customer service requires a revolution or a mind shift change and it is not an incremental process.

Customer satisfaction service includes asking your customers what they think of your service. No matter what you spent on technology, you must spend on the personnel in order to keep your customers. As an organization, you must be able to deliver your promise to your client. You should make good the promised made to attend to their complain, Stephanie added. Ability to go the extra mile to satisfy your customers will make the difference in your organization.

Try as much as possible to provide a personal touch with your customers. When a problem gets to your awareness, make sure you resolve the problem and also learn from it. In order to satisfy your customers, please try to make the process for them simple and if they have problems, handle their problems professionally.

According to her, your complainers are your ambassador, they are telling you what you are doing wrongly. A complain is a gift in disguise.

49 percent of negative words of mouth is based on service. Do you make it easy for people to complain? Try and develop a customer service strategy. Things that make a good service leaders includes, dedication and passion about service excellence, effective communications, make it happen result driven attitude, rewards that recognizes good practice, encourage and empower your customer service personnel, responds adequately to diversity.

Besides, you must be able to lead, motivate and inspire your team. A good service leader should have an open door policy. The would  be customer service personnel must have the right skill, right attitude as their attitude will either attract customer or repel them.

Before an organisation can thrive in its field of specialization to attract customers, such organizations must have effective customers service professionals that have adequate knowledge and skill in customer service management.

They must think like the customers. They must be passionate about their customers, posses active listening skills and communicate effectively. Such person must be able to give the extra mile for customers and must ‘posses can do attitude’ which will create a good first and lasting impression knowledge on clients.

If you can change the way customers think, you can change their believe. Do not forget to treat your customers with respect.

Create innovation, if you know what your customer want today, do you know what they want tomorrow. Reward recognition, reward your customers and celebrate their success. In order for you to be an effective customer personnel, you must posses speed of service as the time when a complain is made and when it was executed matters to the customer.

Let the process of your service work for the customer and learn to be a little more flexible in your dealings with your clients. If you can not measure it, you cannot manage it, Stephanie said. You must be concern to know what is going on with your customers at every given time.

Be after the transaction to know if they get it on time. Live the brand, the organisation value as everyone and your staff should know your value- what the company stands for.


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