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Establishment of private refineries will curb militancy – Ibeaha

Emma  Nnadozie
Chief Ngozi Chukwuka Ibeaha is a leading industrialist from Achi, Orji River Local Government Area of Enugu State. He is the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Eugene Rose Industries Limited based in Lagos. His company operates,  amongst numerous other ventures, an ultra modern bottle water plant (De-Rose Waters) at Ibah, Lagos State with a workforce of over 500 Nigerians. The enigma popularly called Onwa Achi spoke on current issues in the country.
On Kidnaping.

I advise those involved in kidnaping to look for meaningful ways of existence. There are a thousand and one ways of sustaining existence. Resorting to kidnaping in order that victims will pay ransom will definitely worsen their plight. By law of nature, such ill-gotten wealth does not pay.

Chief Ngozichukwuka Ibeaha, CEO, DeRose Waters
Chief Ngozichukwuka Ibeaha, CEO, DeRose Waters

This is the message I spread to the youths particularly in my area in Achi, Orji River L.G.A, Enugu State and it paid off today. I am happy to say that the youths in my area have set a record of not being involved in such criminal act and they have mapped out security strategies aimed at ensuring that our area is a no-go-place for kidnappers and other criminals.

While I am urging government to provide more employment for our teeming youths, I advise the youths not to fold their arms and wait for manner from heaven. They should embark on self-appraisal and realization and by so doing, they would definitely be dutifully engaged in one thing or the other through self-help.

I manage a successful  industrial venture today with over 500 Nigerians under me as a result of my self-effort. I am striving to do more so as to help alleviate the unemployment and poverty level in the country.
On militancy in the Niger Delta

It is wrong for people to attribute it to unemployment. There are lots of jobs for people to be engaged in. There is no law that says a graduate should not learn the job of a mechanic so that he would be self-employed. In fact, the fact that he is a graduate will enhance his easy knowledge of the job of a mechanic and he would definitely excel and prosper instead of folding his arms to wait for government to employ him.

A self-reliant person will employ others and the positive trend continues. If as a graduate, you are so desirous of working in a bank for instance, while you are frantically applying and looking for the job, you should dutifully engage in other self-efforts that will keep you busy and sustain both you and members of your family. My advise to the Niger Delta militants is to call on wealthy people from the area to quickly obtain licences and engage in refining our crude oil privately.

I thought this should have been uppermost in their demands from the Federal Government during the amnesty negotiations. If they are able to obtain licenses and refine crude oil privately, they would not only employ the numerous youths engaged in militancy but provide jobs and opportunities for all. A youth that is busy will not resort to hiding in the creeks in the name of militant.

On proliferation of churches and display of wealth by Pastors

It is a bad commentary in our national growth and spiritual attainment. Spirituality should not be turned into business venture. Those involved in this should not deceive the masses. In the days of the old, our religious leaders treat people equally.

No discrimination between the rich and the poor. Nowadays, the division is more pronounced. Even the poor can no longer afford to send their wards to schools run by these so-called men of God. A religious set-up that wears the toga of nouvre-rich is an anathema. It is anti-thetical to natural justice and the preaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover, our churches should confine their efforts strictly to spiritualism instead of engaging in business ventures.

They are desecrating their spiritual attainment by doing that because getting involved in business ventures, will definitely expose them to the vagaries of human nature which is not encouraging at all.

Corruption in Nigeria

The problem of corruption started from the grassroots. Many of us have woefully failed to do the right thing. This is exemplified in, especially, our higher institutions where some fraudulent cabals masquerading as lecturers will stop at nothing in removing Vice-chancellors that embarks on positive reforms.

I think government should look seriously into this because at the end of the day, it is our children that will suffer and we will all bear the brunt. Searchlights should be focused critically at such levels – the grassroots in order that our children should not be exposed to it in their  formative ages.


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