“I am a jealous God. I am the God that brought you out from the land of Egypt. You have no other God beside me.”
— Exodus 20 verses 2, 5

SOME governors insist on being called executive  governors though the Constitution just assigned titled of governor to them. The misappropriation of our resources starts with governors assuming unconstitutional titles.
Governors are lords. Aides worship them. Cronies treat them as deity.

Acolytes, sycophants, contractors and politicians value governors better than the air they breathe. Governors are powerful.

They have powers of life and death over some condemned criminals. Some governors have stretched their powers, ruling their states like fiefdoms, accountable only to themselves with their State Houses of Assemblies as mere constitutional appendages.

In many states, it is an offence to address governors standing, if you are privileged to be led to their presence. People go on their knees. The governor ignore them as he carries on with more matters tailored to his importance.

People court the governor. Aides serve at his pleasure, in the same way that chairmen and legislators of local government councils, state legislators, and traditional rulers have discovered that their tenure depends on the governor.

Governor Martin Elechi of Ebonyi State operates above these realms. He openly links his mode of operation to the divine.

When he swore in six new commissioners on November 12, he left nobody in doubt that he was the Almighty. “I am a jealous God. I am the God that brought you out from the land of Egypt. You have no other God beside me,” he said. These were the same words God used in the Bible when He handed the Israelites the 10 Commandments thousands of years ago.

Governor Elechi made these claims in a written speech.
He addressed absolute loyalty, to him. “Let me remind you that your loyalty is not 99 per cent. It is not 99.99 per cent. It must be 100 per cent,” he said to commissioners, who at the occasion swore their loyalty to the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the same one Governor Elechi swore to on  May 29, 2007.

Not one to speak in unclear terms, he threatened to sack them if they held meetings, any meetings, with anyone who does not belong to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). It would seem that such association would be intolerable to
Almighty Elechi whether the meetings are with village unions, Parents Teaches Associations, or even members of one’s family, so long as anyone attending does not belong to PDP.

All his cabinet must observe the oath of secrecy, he said. “The idea of government service is to allow complete action to be taken on a decision before it is revealed to the public,” Almighty Elechi said.

Ten years of civilian rule have gone on with alien democracy. Almighty Elechi expects applause for telling Nigerians that democracy is government of the people without the people.


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