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44 political parties rate Sambo’s performance low

By Emeka Mamah

KADUNA— The coalition of 44 political parties in Kaduna State has asked Governor Mohammed Namadi Sambo to stop deceiving the electorate with rhetorics and embark on concrete provision of infrastructure if he was interested in contesting the 2011 election in the state.

Publicity Secretary of the coalition, Idris Musa, who made this known in an interview with newsmen in Kaduna, weekend, said there was nothing much to justify the efforts of the government in the areas of agriculture, education, water and good roads in the state in the last two and a half years of the present administration.

Musa, however, singled out the issue of security, saying Sambo has performed exceptionally well in the sector.

“In terms of democratic dividends in the last two and a half years, in terms of basic social amenities, we can take four (sectors), water; education; agriculture and roads.

“I think we have not had much actually. But if you allow me to do it my own way, I would say that we should do a critique or an appraisal or an audit of the 11-Point Agenda of the governor.

“So, if you are looking at that, you will see that the number one item on the agenda is security. I think that the governor must be given kudos from my own point of view.

“He had actually done well in terms of security. I will give him 90 per cent because the other 10 percent are the things that he cannot really capture, for example the kidnap issues and things like that.

“He has actually made some of us to go to sleep with our two eyes closed. The security he had put in place, Operation Yaki, has been a very good development.

“Having said that, the other sectors that are vital and important to the lives of the people of Kaduna State are education, water etc. I think we have not really seen much.

“We have not seen good roads in the past two and a half years or so. We have not seen a vibrant educational sector; we have not seen vibrant health sector even though we know that there are campaigns and trials of this infants and mothers free health care and things like that.”


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