Contrary to speculations that convicted Peoples Democratic Party Chieftain and former  Chairman of the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, Chief Bode George and five other members of the board of the authority may be moved out of the confines of the Kirikiri Maximum Prisons in Apapa, Lagos, Prison sources disclose that there were no such moves.

It has also been revealed that the prison authorities are in no mood to force the PDP topshot to wear prison uniforms.

Consequently they would not adorn the popular blue and white prison uniforms made for convicts.

A source at the prison said that wearing prison uniform was at the discretion of the governor of the prison, and at the moment, the governor was not  in  the mood to flex his muscle.

Saturday Vanguard investigations revealed that the Chief  Bode George and his colleagues had  been confined to the V.I.P. section of  the prison since they arrived Monday evening and have  started eating meals prepared by their families.

It was gathered that there were no signs of molestation by other inmates of the dreaded prison yard as the new very important inmates were being  accorded special treatment because of their former positions in the country.

A Prison source told Saturday Vanguard, “ We must recognise that these were men of means and power before they fell out with the laws of the land.   The idea of not wearing the normal uniform is at the discretion of the Governor of the Prison.  Ideally, they are all supposed to be clad in blue uniforms but the Governor had to use his discretion.

They are sharing the same block with Bamaiyi, Mustapha and other V.I.Ps and we are being careful not to over do things.

“What we are trying to contend with now is the large number of visitors that come to see them.. These are not ordinary visitors.   They are very highly placed men in the society but they always come in disguise.    Even, one of them whom we suspected to be a Minister had to sneak in Thursday under the pretext of bringing food for him from home.

We all knew he was not an ordinary family member but there was nothing we could do under such circumstance.   Who wants to loose his job”?, he quipped.

Prison sources also hinted that so far, their pastime is being occupied with prayers which they say at the worship centre built by former inmate of the prison Ade Bendel.

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