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NB unveils new look Legend bottle

There is definitely  going to be a brand war in the stout market, as  Nigeria Breweries Plc, bottlers of Legend stout officially unveiled a new bottle as fire, dance, music welcomes the new look  Legend stout bottle, as it enters with new TVC and radio commercials.

Speaking, Jacco van der Linden, Marketing Director of the company  said during the unveiling that in the last five years, Legend has been quite successful.

According to him, “we have five-folded our stout market share in the last three years.  However, the growth of the brand could have even been greater, if we would have had the capacity to produce enough to meet the growing consumer demand.

There is clearly a strong leader in the  market, and it’s our business to make competition a bit tougher.  It is important to note is that we have done a number of blind taste tests in which time after time, Legend came out as the best tasting stout.  So, the taste of the liquid is preferred over that of our competors. The high quality and excellent taste deserve a high quality and excellent packaging.

The key element of the coming re-launch is therefore a newly and uniquely designed proprietary bottle for the Legend brand. We are re-launch it with the objective to have the best tasting stout in the best looking bottle, he stated.

He went on to say that the relaunch would be the beginning of increased marketing activities for the Legend brand going forward. “You also know that there’s always the calm before the storm. We have deliberately been keeping a bit more quiet in order to have a big bang this month.

Continuing, he said, NB is particularly happy to be able to offer consumers Legend in a fantastic looking unique bottle  now. Compare it with the following: you don’t put a Ferrari engine in a Skoda; the master piece engine deserves a better packaging.  Now that Legend has emerged as the best tasting stout as confirmed by tasters, you don’t put such a great product in a standard industry bottle. Having put the new Legend in a new bottle, we feel we need to increase our support level around it.

Further, he stated,  Legend has considerably increased its market share, and we aspire to continue and preferably accelerate this growth.

Basically, we wish to shift to a higher ground now. And we believe with this re-launch we will continue to aggressively grow our market share in the next three to five years. The brand will be supported with an all-round marketing campaign, a 360 degrees marketing communications term. “We are using the full marketing mix..”.


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