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Life after death…a review

Reviewed by Benjamin Njoku
The question of where spirits of the dead reside is usually a religious one which many Christians avoid to deliberate upon because such inquiries often times challenges or bring to doubt, the religious beliefs and sentiments of many people.  While some people believe that man’s spirit belongs to the world of matter, many a Christian believers hold it strongly, that the spirit of the dead immediately returns to its supposedly heavenly father after vacating the human body.

Either of these positions have strong rooms for argument and possible conviction. However, reading Pastor Joseph Orusuaine’s latest book, Where Spirits of the Dead Go To, one is bound to encounter another refreshingly insightful claim that tilts towards the belief of Christian thinkers.

bookss-2The book deals with  two inevitable questions, bothering on afterlife and spirituality. One of such important questions that writer seems to address bother on where man proposes to spend eternity after death and whether there is anything like first resurrection and second death, in relation to eternal life.

These  two posers as puzzling as they appear to the reader form the thrust of Orusuaine’s Where Spirits of the Dead Go To.

The author’s contention in this book remains that while it is arguable that the soul of a dead man usually returns to his creator, millions of such wicked souls believably after  physical death migrate to the abode reserved for the wicked or the righteous who are dead lying in wait for the final judgement.

Divided into 10 chapters, the 254 page book also seeks to expose the reader to the realities associated with the existence of these abodes of the spirits of the dead and the import of resurrection so as to save mankind from the dangers of being entrapped in ignorance. It also tries to address the curiosity of man concerning the place of the soul after death.

Whereas chapter one, two and three treat such topics as “Now we know These Things”, “‘The Triune Nature of Man”, and “Why Spirits Will Never Die”, Chapter four to Chapter Six highlight the deeper things of the spirits world, dwelling on the various abodes reserved for dead people. Notable among the abodes as enumerated by the author are the silent graves, hell and Scheol, which according to him, respectively receive spirits.

The author also explains the difference between silent grave, Scheol and hell. According his analysis, while the grave holds the bodies of dead men, and not their spirits; scheol and the hell are spiritual places of abode for spirits of departed people and the godly condemned.

In chapter six, the author paints vivid pictures concerning where the spirits of the dead go. Contrary to the belief by some section of the Christian faithful that the spirits of the dead go to purgatory, the author highlights in his book that all spirits of the dead both the just and the unjust at death return to their maker . Citing Eccl. 12:5, he says that “for man goes to his eternal home” adding that “eternal home” as a generic term stands for the final destination of all the dead.”

Also, illuminating more on the things of the spirits, the author examines the doctrine of resurrection, identifying eternal resurrection and ordinary resurrection which he described as a foreshadow of eternal resurrection as the two types of resurrection that mankind is billed to experience at the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Where the spirits of the Dead go to is indeed, a wonderful book of efficient spiritual blessing: an important critical revelation that is bound to impact on the reader’s spiritual life. In the book, the author takes the reader through the dark recesses of the world of the dead with the illuminating search light of the holy Ghost. Reading through the book invokes feelings of meditation, fear of the unknown and feeling of a probe into afterlife.

Orusuaine, who has authored other such inspirational life changing books like Set Your Blessings Free, Let Thy Kingdom even Come, The Big If and The Hidden Place of God’s Power through this important addition  has again succeeded in liberating the reader from the fears of the unknown through excellent and intelligent explication of the words of the Holy writ.

There is no doubt that ,Where Spirits of the Dead go to will any day, any time make a life changing experience given the depth of knowledge industry brought to bear on the book coupled with the many years of pastoral profundity that give strength to the messages conveyed in the texts. We strongly recommend it.

Beyond the silent grave…
Title: Where Spirits of the Dead Go To
Author: Joseph Orusuaine
Publisher: The Ingathering Ministry Publications
Pagination: 254pages
Year of Publication: 2009
Reviewer: Benjamin Njoku


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