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Leaders We Don’t Need

PRETENCES of genuine concerns over the future of Nigeria are common fares these days. The preachments about the type of leaders Nigerians should vote for in the coming elections have assumed a hue that tends to portray Nigeria as perpetually in transition

With few exceptions, most of the suggestions on qualities of our future leaders shrill from the hollowness of the proponents.

It is alarming that those who have been opportune to rule Nigeria at a time of unprecedented resources from oil, relative peace, a conducive legislature without remarkable results, have new competences in prescribing new leaders for the country they join in bleeding to irrelevance.

Nigeria still strives for more acceptance abroad, but does very little to protect the people, whether it is their general interests or matters as basic as personal security. Food, housing, education, health, water, electricity, employment, and justice are among items that have become more scare under civil rule.

Their absence is the direct consequence of a fossilised leadership that thinks the world of itself and sees nothing wrong in a country that is the world’s sixth largest producer of crude oil, being unable to run for more than a couple of months without scarcity of petroleum products.

Nigerians have lived on promises since 1999 and a lot of verbal abuses from failed leaders that blame everyone, except themselves, for locking up the potentials of the country, while they are content with making minimal progress on fronts that lie on the fringes of the country’s interests.

As 2011 draws nearer, the scandal of almost all the expired governors still seeking political spaces with absolute lack of shame over their performances in the states they controlled with maximum powers, nauseates. Where we expect that they would have been apologising, they are busy selling their suitability to lead Nigeria again with their blurred vision.

It is up to Nigerians to tell the charlatans that populate the political space that their time is up. There are definitely some people, who no matter how they promote themselves, are vastly unsuitable and grossly incompetent to provide the leadership that will lead Nigeria out of its present morass. In a way, most of them have contributed to Nigeria sinking into more backwardness. They should be consigned to spectatorship in the emerging Nigeria.

Nigerians can do without leaders — as they insist on calling themselves — who live above the law, ceaselessly make a show of abusing the Constitution, lack ideas and are unwilling to accept advice that will develop the country. We need leaders who would be genuinely concerned about the ravaging poverty in the land, the helplessness of the people and do something about their present and future.

This is no time for leaders who are filled with their self-importance to the extent that they think they are divinely appointed to wreck Nigeria, and expect generous applause for their disingenuous efforts. If they get another chance to plunder Nigeria, they would ruin her irreversibly.


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