NIGERIAN politicians are a strange breed. They believe they are the smartest beings in existence. In 10 years of managing Nigeria’s vast resources, they have befuddled the issues. Politics are about power for individual interests that are against the common good.

Nothing is more important to politicians than laying their hands on power. They can give anything to be in power and once there, they would move against anyone or anything that suggests that power is transient.

With Anambra State in focus, the promises have filled the air. Power is the air politicians breathe. Power gives them opportunity to decide who have access to national resources. With power, they can determine everything, almost everything.

They want the peoples’ attention, no, their votes. The politicians are sounding as if they never lived here. They are shocked at the decay that members of their tribe have heaped on Anambra. They pledge to redeem the situation, though they contributed enormously to it.

Politicians, who promised to serve us, become our masters in record time and always have the guts to remind us that their privileged positions were divinely ordered: we risk the anger of the Almighty if we criticise them.

Statistics point to the depreciating quality of the Nigerian’s life, and Anambra State is a good case. Billions of Naira in individual hands is reserved for political ego trips like the gubernatorial contests, instead of being invested in ventures that would improve the lives of the people.

Water, which if available, in the right quality, would abolish many of our illnesses, remains scarce. The health system is comatose. Education, housing, roads, job creation, rural development and human rights are areas where growth has not been appreciable.

Across the State, from one local government council to another, the story – except in very rare cases – is the same, of the nation’s unprecedented generous attention to projects that have failed to improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

Cumulative neglect of Anambra has resulted in one of the worst security situations in the country with kidnaps and armed robberies being part of the fare.

The politicians are back, sweet talking the people. They are hunting for votes. Promises of transforming the State are made without a single concrete proposal on how this will be done.

None of the earlier perfidies visited on the State makes an impression on those who desire to despoil again. Violence in intra-party elections and the incendiary campaigns are bad signals.

Anambra State residents have to vote wisely. Their candidate must be someone who can liberate the State from the shackles of those waiting to finish off what is left of it.

The same vicious clan, whose interests are against the people, is scheming to take over the State. The legal battles are unending.

Everyone who has a part to play in this testy election must be committed to the point that free and fair elections, are not only desirable, but possible today.

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