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Great expectation (II)

After about three months, she went to the hospital, and they said oh yes!  You are pregnant there is a baby in your womb.
She said no! not one, two is what God promised me, the doctor says well! the scan shows one.
She came back home and said Doctor is saying his own, God has spoken. Two months later he went back and the doctor says there are two babies. She said what I told you!  My God has spoken.

On behalf the almighty God, I speak to somebody here tonight; by next year convention you will bring your children forward.

Great expectations is based on a great promises from a great God who can never lie, who when he speaks, it is settle.
Therefore if there are delays just wait for it. If he promises, it will come to pass. Habakkuk 3 v 10 it says the vision is for an appointed time, thou it tarries, wait for it because at the end it will speak, it will surely come.
There is an appointed for everything; God has a timetable for everybody. I have good news for someone here tonight; your appointed time has come. So even though there has been some delay because God is on the throne, you will laugh last.

How do I know?  Because he promised in Psalm 30 v 5 He says, weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. By tomorrow morning there will be somebody here who will say I didn’t know it will be this quick.
I want you to turn to your neighbor and prophesy to yourself and say ‘my joy is on the way’, say it as if you really mean it. Go ahead and give God a round of applause if you really believe it.

Psalm 126 v 1-3 the Bible says when God turns the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream; then was our mouth filled with laughter, our tongue with singing and they said among the heathen, oh the Lord has done great things for them.

For whom is that passage written?  If you are the one let me hear you shout halleluiah! The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said I will give you new wings, so you can fly again.
Daddy says there is someone tonight; he said the memory of your shame shall fade away quickly.
Now let me give you some examples in the bible;
Example one: let’s start with Abraham, God made him some promises  in Genesis 12 v 1- 3 God promised and say through thy seed shall all the nation of the world be bless.
Genesis 15 v 1 – 5 God called him out one night, God said look through the sky, can you count the number of stars in the sky?

He said no, God said so shall the numbers of children be. God made him great promises.
Then Abraham waited and waited nothing seems to be happening, when we got to Genesis 17 v 15- 18 “Abraham”,
“Yes Lord”, your children will be like the sand by the sea shore.
Abraham began to laugh, laughed until he fell on his face, what kind of Joke is this? When you promised me initially I believed you, all these years I have been waiting nothing happened. Abraham laughed, that didn’t change God.
In Genesis 18 v 9 – 14 when the appointed time came, like the time has come for somebody here it tonight. Some visitors came, just like some visitors have come tonight from the east and the west, from the north and from the south.

Some visitors came and said to Abraham, the waiting is over, nine month from now, your wife will bring forth a baby boy, and Sarah laughed.
The devil may be asking you to laugh, that is what he always says. Tell the devil, this time around, I am going to have the last laugh.

Amen, there is something God is saying for me tonight, you can share later, because God is saying that there is someone here tonight, as long as the sun shall continue to rise I will continue to bless you.
… by the time we got to Genesis 1 v 1-6 it was the time for Sarah to laugh last.
Somebody is going to laugh last very soon.

All those who say you will never have a child; by the time they see you next year carrying one on the left and another on the right and somebody else helping you to carry number three, you can look at them and just laugh.
Somebody here will laugh last in Jesus name. Example Two: Joseph God gave him mighty promises in the two dreams. Genesis  37 v 3 – 11, he had a dream that all his brothers were bowing down before him and just as if that one is not enough, God gave him another dream. It is not only your brothers; even your dad will join them to come.
Then delays came, the man who was hoping to sit on the throne and everybody will come and bow down, by Genesis  35 v 1 -5, he was a slave going to Egypt, by Genesis  39 v 19 -23 he was already a in prison.

Where are the brothers to bow down, oh God! where are your great promises? But then a day came, thank God the day has come for somebody tonight, a day came, in Genesis  41 v 32- 44 when Pharaoh said to Joseph, he said I am pharaoh, in this land, nobody would lift up their hands or feet except at your command.


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