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Govt, parents blamed for rot in education

By Nneka  Ehujuo

The poor quality of the country’s education system has been blamed on the government, parents and other stakeholders in system. Speaking to Vanguard Education, the Proprietor of Leader Group of School, Kirikiri. Apapa Lagos, Captain Charles Avneghagha blamed the rot in the country’s education system on the government, parents lecturers and school owners.

According to him, it is wrong to heap the whole blame on the government while other stakeholders like teachers, parents have equally contributed to the mess in the sector. “Parents should also be blamed because they are not  helping and encouraging their children as they are supposed to be doing.

I feel terribly sad when most parents come to the school pleading for their children promotion, knowing fully well that their wards failed their promotion exams.

What type of encouragement are they giving their children? He asked. Speaking further, Captain Avneghagha said the teachers especially those in higher institutions were also of the poor state of our education system.

According to him, “some teacher award high grades to undeserving students thereby killing the morale of hard working students who see no reasons why they should study hard to pass their exams”, stressing the importance of education, the school proprietor pointed out that education is the bedrock of everything including getting job opportunities.

He however warned that disruption in academic activity should be put to permanent stop, if the future of this country is to be secured. While encouraging the school owners and the government to employ teachers on merit and not by “who you known” he advised parent to allow teachers to do their job effectively.


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