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Gov Elechi’s in-law kidnapped, rescued

By Dennis Agbo

ABAKALIKI—VILLAGERS in a Cross Rivers state community, which shares border with Ebonyi state, yesterday morning, rescued the elder brother to Governor Martin Elechi’s wife, Mr. Chris Nwankwo, who was abducted Tuesday evening together with his village head, by unknown gunmen, who walleyed them in Izzi community of Ebonyi state.

The two elderly men were ferried across the river that separates River Cross and Ebonyi, settled in a farmland,  where they passed the night until hunter and other villagers from Cross River found and set them free, yesterday morning.

Narrating his ordeal to newsmen in Abakaliki, Chris Nwankwo, a retired Secretary to the old Anambra State Government and elder brother to Mrs. Josephine Elechi,  said his abductors had asked how much he had in his bank account, and after telling them he had only N500,000, they demanded for N2miliion or they will kill him and throw his body into the River.

“I believe they had planned this for some time. There is a bridge very close to the highway and as we approached the bridge, we heard gun shoots, you know they took us by surprise and at this point,  it was difficult to know what to do. We applied the brake and then they rushed, pulled us out of the car and there was some struggle, we tried to struggle but they used the butts of their gun to subdue us and put the two of us in the boot and used large
cello-tape to tie our eyes.

“So they drove off. We didn’t know the road they took because they drove very rough. As we got to Cross River, there was this canoe we took and some body was waiting at the other side, it was late in night.

“When we got to the other side of the river,  they tied our hands at our back and took us through the bush, they kept us at one place and the rain that fell night, fell on us as we had no shelter. We were fully drenched and they forced us to sit  on the ground which was very wet,” he said.


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