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GKS president warns politicians

By Sam Eyoboka
AS electioneering campaigns gather momentum in readiness for the next general elections, politicians have been  charged to refrain from making false promises since they would give account  to God some day for their utterances and actions.

The admonition was given by the president of God’s Kingdom Society (GKS), Brother Oseghale Emmanuel Aighalua during the Freedom Day Divine service in  remembrance of  the birth of Christ held in Port Harcourt,  Rivers State capital recently.

Stating that “it is the stock in trade of some politicians to make promises they cannot keep when they are seeking for votes,” the GKS leader in a statement signed by the publicity secretary, Brother Benedict Hart, quoted a newspaper report that politicians “promise a sea change when they (want to) come to power-peace, security, democracy, prosperity and frugal governance.  But they throw everything to the winds once they are established.

“Leaders should keep their words, by making only promises they can keep because lying is abomination to God and each person will be judged for his words and actions some day,” Aighalua said.

He explained that false promises create problems for the politicians and the entire country and so were self_defeating, retrogressive and dangerous to the polity. “If we believe in the word of God, why should we create problems for ourselves because of some temporary advantages when we could avoid them?” he asked.

The GKS president who was speaking on the sermon, Holding Faith and a Good Conscience,  said it is when the leaders and the led are determined to avoid thoughts, words and actions which their consciences do not approve that they would enjoy the peace of God.

“Those who indulge in practices which their consciences condemn, or for which they have fears that such may be wrong would continually be in torment,” he said.

Aighalua made reference to the work of researchers at Harvard University, who spent 72 years exploring the question of what makes people happy and discovered that, “money, material possessions, intellectual brilliance or parental social class do not pave the road to happiness.”

He went on to highlight certain practices that produce wrong tendencies even among professed Christians to include the dressing of children in sexually provocative ways, lack of parental guidance in the films children watch on video and television and the emphasis by parents on secular education as against spiritual education for their children and wards.

According to him the girls are encouraged to wear trousers, short dresses, and T-shirts with messages like “porn star in the making”, or “so many boys, so little time”, which he said “encourages premature sexualisation of children and takes advantage of their age to expose them to immorality, knowingly or unknowingly”.

Moreover, “the increasing use of adult images in youth culture” as reflected in the portrayals of violence, occultism, witchcraft, immorality, crime and so on television, video and the internet, exposed the children to the risk of emotional problems as “their innocence is ended too soon” and as they tend to put into practice what they had seen.


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