By Jemi Ekunkunbor
Born Larry Kay Ojomo, Mon Ami as he is called after his label, has been around for a while now. He is known for his great evening dresses which have become his area of strength.

•Mon Ami... I don’t play with jackets, waist coats and jeans.
•Mon Ami... I don’t play with jackets, waist coats and jeans.

He has participated in many fashion shows and clothed many celebrities in our society. In this brief encounter, Mon Ami who has ditched his dread lock for a more regular hair style, shares his thoughts on fashion and style.

What is your style code?
I like things simple and comfortable. I don’t like clothes ruling me. Let the style come through you. That is why when I’m designing a dress for a client, I make the design to suit the kind of work that you do. I don’t make it so fussy. I like things to flow naturally.
What travel destination inspires you?

Lagos Island is a great inspiration. The beach is also a great spot. Being close to nature, where you have plants and animals is a great inspiration. That way, yo can put on fabrics what you see with nature.
As a designer have you ever committed a fashion blunder?

Yes, of course. Sometimes these things just happen. In my case, it
was the premier of a film and there was a dress code on the invitation card but I didn’t see it.

So, I came to this place dressed in a shirt and trouser-thinking it was a casual event. I got into the place and felt very odd because every body was dressed up. But being a creative person, I hooked up with these women who place ribbon on people’s clothes at events and then tried to play with it in the bathroom and created something which I attached to the collar of my shirt. When I finished, although I was wearing a simple outfit but that little thing I created added a touch of the colour code of the event to what I was wearing.

What is your obsession?
Beautiful ladies with good curves- a tall slim, smart girl who I can dream of draping my designs on. They are an inspiration any day.
Your fashion must have?

Jackets. You can wear a t-shirt and just put a jacket and you flow very well. I don’t play with jackets, waist coats and jeans. Jeans is one of the biggest things to have around.

Favourite accessory?
A stud. A real diamond, something that blings. It’s something that I want to look into in the future. If not me, my wife. I adore diamonds a lot.
Holiday destination?
Of all the places I’ve been to, my dream place is Hawaii.
Favourite label?

Gucci and Armani are my favourites. In Africa, I love Deola Segoe’s label so well. I know she is starting a men’s line now.
Style icon?

Well, I think I love Mariam Babaginda. She doesn’t force anything; she let’s it go and it comes naturally to her. She lets her body flow with her design. I still see her around and she still has that thing about her. She makes the body speak for the dress. When she dresses and comes out, the glory on her makes her look royal. I’m yet to see someone who can break that record.

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